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18 Mar 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #167 (TF's Nonplus Label of the Month Mixtape)



This week's kicks off with a guilty pleasured Ame Edit of Paul Simon's "Diamonds" from the latest Philomena series. Marcellus Pittman remixes Japanese producer Ackin' on Internasjonal. Before doing this show I had a talk with one of my listeners informing me of a new ep by Chicago Skyway forthcoming on Altered Moods. I guess it was meant for him to mention it to me considering I received it not too long ago. Big ups to Sibonelo Zulu for reminding me of the massive EP! Another release that I am quite impressed with is the Exile In Data EP by Jimi After on the Day Of Being Wild label. Certainly worth checking out. I have some heavy techno madness from The Third Man, Antigone, NX1 & Reeko. New York based producer Hound Scales continues the vibe with a tune from his Suction Cup EP on Infinite Machine. Dutch producer Quince returns from his significant layoff with a nice release on Kompakt. I have an earlier collaboration from Huxley & Ethyl on Tsuba. Danilo Plessow's Motor City Drum Ensemble makes a triumphant return as well. Gesloten Cirkel's extensive remix (to say the least) of DJ Gio MC-505's "Cosmic Cruncher" rounds off the 1st part of the show.

For the 2nd part of the show focuses on Nonplus records founded by Alex Green. He has made quite a name for himself as a producer in his own right. He is known for his solo productions as Boddika, his collaborations with Joy Orbison & half of the the production duo Instra:mental. He's quite an A&R as well. He just released the label's first compilation "Think & Change". I decided to not only play the tracks on this compilation but also the tracks on the label as well. This compilation features tracks that were anticipated for over a year. So I had to put this together to celebrate its arrival.

Now on to the mix itself. I have Pearson Sound kicking it off with "Quivver" from the compialtion, which makes a good segue for the highly anticipated tune by Joy Orbison. "Big Room Tech House DJ Tool Tip!", (referring to Hardwax's way of categorizing the genre of music on their record site), has been making plenty of rounds in clubs around the world for several months. However it is only available on vinyl for you to enjoy. Other artists in the mix are Kassem Mosse, Endian, Skudge, Basic Soul Unit & Scuba under his SCB guise. Four Tet makes a debut on the compilation with a very nice tune sampling the vocals of Marvin Gaye. Can't go wrong with that if you ask me. What would be a Nonplus mix without the boss man as well? I have a solo track effort as well as his anticipated collaborations with Joy Orbison. I felt very good about the mix until I realized I forgot to add Martyn's Bad Chicago track to the mix. DAMN LOL! Oh well it's certainly a mix you do not want to miss out on anyway! So if you like the tracks in the mix be sure to support my label of month Nonplus along with the tunes on the Think & Change Compilation.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Paul Simon "Diamonds"[Ame Private Edit](Philomena)
2. Ackin' feat. M.Akamatsu "Tembezi"[Marcellus Pittman Remix](Internasjonal)
3. Chicago Skyway "Thunder"(Altered Moods PROMO)
4. Jimi After "Exile In Data"(Day Of Being Wild PROMO)
5. The Third Man "Double Dawn"(ePM Music)
6. Antigone "The Melody"(Children Of Tomorrow)
7. NX1 "NX1 04 012"(Semantica Records)
8. Reeko "Passage#17.1"(Mental Disorder)
9. Hound Scales "Suction Clip"(Infinite Machine)
10. Quince "Lost"(Kompakt)
11. Huxley& Ethyl "Slims"(Tsuba Records)
12. Deadbeat "I.D.1"(BLKRTZ)
13. Motor City Drum Ensemble "Send A Prayer Pt.1"(MCDE Recordings)
14. DJ Gio MC-505 "Cosmic Cruncher"[Gesloten Cirkel Remix](Analog Dust)

Part 2
TF's Label Of The Month Mixtape: Nonplus Records
15. Pearson Sound "Quivver"(Nonplus)*
16. Joy Orbison "Big Room Tech House DJ Tool Tip!"(Nonplus)***
17. Skudge "Vessel"(Nonplus)
18. Four Tet "For These Times"(Nonplus)*
19. Kassem Mosse "We Speak To Those"(Nonplus)
20. Endian "Straight Intention"(Nonplus)*
21. Basic Soul Unit "Mindstorm"(Nonplus)
22. Basic Soul Unit "Untoward"(Nonplus)*
23. Kassem Mosse "Broken Patterns"(Nonplus)*
24. Lowtec "The Rhythm"[Remix 2](Nonplus)**
25. Endian "Birdhouse"(Nonplus)
26. Boddika "Beats Me"(Nonplus)*
27. Boddika & Joy Orbison "&Fate"(Nonplus)*
28. Skudge "Fingers"(Nonplus)
29. Endian "DBPLT01"(Nonplus)
30. SCB "Dissipate"(Nonplus)*
31. Boddika & Joy Orbison "Mercy"[Boddika's VIP](Nonplus)*
32. Instra:mental "8"(Nonplus)
(*Available on Think & Change Compilation)
(**Available exclusively on Think & Change on DCD/Digital)
(***Available exclusively on Think & Change Vinyl Box Set)

End Of Mix