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30 Mar 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #168 (TF's Huerco S. Artist of the Month Mixtape)



For this week's show starts off with new music from Madteo, Alison Marks, Scott Grooves, Leenn'y along with a tune from Omar S' new LP "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself". The triple play this week is all about Martyn, featuring tunes from his latest EP on Dolly & his contribution to the Think & Change compilation on Nonplus.

Speaking of the Nonplus compilation, I have a tune from Skudge that was not featured in the last mix. More new tracks from L-Vis 1990, Developer, Haventepe, Voices From The Lake & Mike Dehnert to go along with an out of print remix of Junior Boys by Marcel Dettmann to round off the 1st part of the show.

The 2nd hour focuses on up & coming producer Huerco S. I found it fitting that I would do a mix of tracks he has either produced or remixed considering he was in Chicago last weekend due to a venue for Liquid Sky. I unfortunately could not make it but it appeared to have been a great night with him, Jay Caston (of legendary Gramopohone Records shop) & L.I.E.S. affiliates Bookwoorms & Beau Wanzer. Yeah & I missed it LOL!

As for the mix itself, it features some of his releases on Wicked Bass, Future Times & Opal Tapes. He also has some self released cuts like "Bowl Cut" & "Reputation". I also have music under his Royal Crown Of Sweden alias. Be sure to keep an eye on his R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R EP under his alias on Anthony Naples new Proibito label in a few days. I aslo played remixes he did for CVLTS, 51717 & YYU. Cetainly an interesting murky sound from thsi talented producer.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Madteo "We Doubt"[You Can Make It](Nuearth Kitchen)
2. Scott Grooves "Bitter Sweet"(Modified Suede)
3. Suitdancer "Wireworld"[Mr. Beatnick Dub](Tone Control PROMO)
4. Leenn'y "Spicy Manouch"(Coquette)
5. Omar S "Rewind"(FHXE)
6. Alison Marks "Dream At Will"(Rebirth PROMO)
Triple Play: Martyn
7. Martyn "What Is Room 101"(Dolly)
8. Martyn "Bad Chicago"(Nonplus)
9. Martyn "Newspeak"(Dolly)
10. L-Vis 1990 "Circuits"(Clone Jack For Daze)
11. Developer "Gaining"(Modularz)
12. Havantepe "Sideway Funk"(200)
13. Skudge "Irie"(Nonplus)
14. Junior Boys "Work"[Marcel Dettmann Mix](Philomena)
15. Voices From The Lake "Reptilicus"(Geophone)
16. Mike Dehnert "Limite"(Echocord Colour)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Huerco S. (Opal Tapes/Wicked Bass/Royal Crown Of Sweden)
17. Huerco S. "All Night"(CDR)
18. Huerco S. "Untitled"(Wicked Bass)
19. CVLTS "Time Debt"[Huerco S. Strings Of Life Mix](Mishka)
20. 51717 "L.K.I.X."[Huerco S. Mix](Opal Tapes)
21. Huerco S. "Bypass"(Wicked Bass)
22. Huerco S. "Apheleia's Theme"(Future Times PROMO)
23. Huerco S. "Elma"[Ruff Rub](Opal Tapes)
24. Huerco S. "Bowl Cut"(Huerco S.)
25. YYU "Toastaoven"[Huerco S. Remix](YYU)
26. Huerco S. "Azhįįtee"[Ruff Rub](CDR)
27. Royal Crown Of Sweden "RCOS 001-A"(Royal Crown Of Sweden)
28. Royal Crown Of Sweden "Gcesser"(CDR)
29. Huerco S. "Reputation"(Huerco S.)
30. Huerco S. "RCOS 001-B"(Royal Crown Of Sweden)
31. Huerco S. "Press On"[Ruff Rub](Opal Tapes)
32. Huerco S. "Untitled"[Braille Remix](Wicked Bass)
End Of Mix