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21 May 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 171 (Next Gen Mix by s:VT)



This week's show kicks off with an old favorite of mine by Ian Simmonds that made my Year End Review back in 2008. I have more music from Djrum's Seven Lies LP on 2nd Drop Records. Andy Stott does a dark midtempo remix of Maps on a rare white label release. Huerco S returns under his Royal Crown Of Sweden guise. I have another nice tune from Pjotr's EP on Udacha. Adesse fuses some deep techno with some African groove on Trus me's Prime Numbers label. Very big tune. I have more new music from Tripeo, Dudley Strangeways, Erdbeerschnitzel, Dario Zenker, Alex Burkat & Spirit Of The Black 808. Falty DL does a brilliant take on Mos Def's "Umi Says" while Joy Orbison has a go at R&B singer Donell Jones. Divvorce's stomping remix of Clouds rounds off the 1st part of the show.

The Next Gen Series continues with a mix from new artist s:VT. I received a promo of his new EP several weeks ago from Work Them Records & it is quite a debut from the talented artist. I knew that if I did not hit him up for a mix now he will be a busy man after the release of his EP. So for his mix he has music from Wbeeza, Martyn & MCDE. The ItaloJohnson mix of Spencer Parker is certainly one to pickup for you vinyl lovers. He even plays the No Strings Attached mix of his Basement Sweat tune. He also has some nice forthcoming music from Conforce's Vernon Felicity EP on M>O>S. Be sure to pick up his Basement Sweat EP & keep an eye out for the Arttu Remixes to follow. Big thanks to Sven for taking the time out of his schedule to do a mix on the show for us to enjoy.

After the mix I want to add a few more tracks to round off the show with tracks from the albums of John Roberts (Fences LP) & Legowelt (Gilga 1) along with a massive acid workout by Pepe Bradock. Big show, big mix & of coarse big tunes.

One final note if you have a chance please check out my new blog site featuring some of my charts & other guest mixes here.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Ian Simmonds "Roots"(Musik Krause)
2. Djrum "DAM"(2nd Drop)
3. Maps "I Heard Them Say"[Andy Stott Remix](White Label)
4. Royal Crown Of Sweden "Vättern"(Proibito)
5. Pjotr "True Spirit"(Udacha)
6. Adesse "Baayi"(Prime Numbers)
7. Tripeo "Untitled #1"(Tripeo)
8. Spirit Of The Black 808 "SB808"(Episodes PROMO)
9. Dudley Strangeways "Left Foot Trippin"(Holic Trax)
10. Mos Def "Umi Says"[Falty DL Edit](CDR)
11. Erdbeerschnitzel "Cushion"(Delsin)
12. Alex Burkat "Ammadomyownthing"(Mister Saturday Night)
13. Ellen Allien "The Kiss"[Extended Version](BPitch Control)
14. Joy Orbison "Donell"(CDR)
15. Dario Zenker "Port De La Dimanche"(Concrete Music)
16. Clouds "Drone Function"[Divvorce Remix](Fifth Wall)

Part 2
Next Gen Series Exclusive Mix by s:VT (Work Them Records)
17. Wbeeza "If You Believe"(Third Ear)
18. Headless Ghost "Yeaahh"(Royal Oak)
19. Martyn "Newspeak"(Dolly)
20. Motor City Drum Ensemble "The Stranger"(MCDE Recordings)
21. Spencer Parker "Show Him Your The One"[ItaloJohnson Remix](Tsuba)
22. Trus'me "Somebody"(Prime Numbers)
23. s:VT "Basement Sweat"[No Strings Attached Re-Edit](Work Them Records)
24. Vernon Felicity "Breaking Silence"(M>O>S)
25. Matthew Styles "Vacuum"(Classic)
26. Dachshund "Jokari"[Trevino's TB Or Not TB Remix](Clapper)
27. James Priestley & Marco Antonio "Speed"(Secretsundaze)
End Of Mix
28. John Roberts "Fences"(Dial PROMO)
29. Legowelt "Midwinter Snow Music"(Hidden Hawaii)
30. Pépé Bradock "Mujeres Nerviosas"(Acid Test/Absurd Recordings)