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11 Jun 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 173



This week's show kicks off with music from NYC based Laurel Halo on Hyperdub. I have some tracks from Far Out Recordings featuring music from Heidi Vogel (remixed by The Cinematic Orchestra) & Kirk Degiorgio (remixed by Rick Wilhite). I have new music from Demdike Stare's 3rd installment of their Testpressing Series. Quite simply it is the best release not only in this series but one of the highlights of the year. I have some forthcoming material from MATRiXXMAN on Fifth Wall, Dakini9 on Plan B Recordings, Temma Teje on Cocoon Recordings & the last production of Two Aramdillos before Martin Dawson's passing. More music from Kansas City producer Huerco S. on Future Times. Japanese producer Grooveman Spot returns with new music from his Began To Notice LP. I have 2 new tracks on the Gerberei EP Sven Weisemann & Don Williams. Marcellus Pittman remixes Erika on Interdimensional Transmissions.

I wanted to play an old favorite of mine by Calibre. He is a well respected Drum & Bass producer but he was a very good house producer as well. I ran across his EP when I received this promo when I worked as a distributor back in '05. The entire staff was mesmerized by the 10 inch EP that featured "Don't Watch This" & "These Few". It was quite a release & I wanted to add it to the mix in case you may have not heard of it. Rounding off the 1st part of the show is music from DJ Koze & a very nice remix of The Greg Foats Group by Prime Numbers label artist Linkwood.

The 2nd Part of the show gets much tougher on the beats with the other track from Demdike Stare EP. This is followed by new music from Helix on Night Slugs. DJ Spider hits us with more "sludge" on Plan B Recordings & Roman Poncet does some dubby broken Techno on Figure records. I have some new music from Raffaele Attanasio's No Thought Control LP on Non Series. More new cuts from Pangaea, Tin Man, Emmanuel, Truncate, Zadig & Marcellus... Also I have posted charts for the month of June for Juno Records. If you want to check out my vinyl picks go here. If you are a digi head go here.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Laurel Halo "Throw"(Hyperdub)
2. Heidi Vogel "Black Narcissus"[The Cinematic Orchestra Remix](Far Out Recordings)
3. Demdike Stare "Eulogy"(Modern Love)
4. MATRiXXMAN "Credentials"(Fifth Wall Records PROMO)
5. Two Armadillos "Black Dahlia"(Two Armadillos PROMO)
7. Huerco S. "Cercy"(Future Times)
8. Grooveman Spot "Misunderstanding"(Jazzy Sport)
9. Sven Weisemann "Giles Remembrance"(Gerberei)
10. Kirk Degiorgio presents Sambatek "BabilĂ´nia"[Rick Wilhite Remix](Far Out Recordings)
11. Dakini9 "Kuiper Belt"(Plan B Recordings PROMO)
12. Erika "Tow Ride"[Marcellus Pittman Remix](Interdimensional Transmissions)
13. Calibre "Don't Watch This"(Signature)
14. The Greg Foat Group "Have Spacesuit Will Travel 2"[Linkwood remix](Jazzman)
15. DJ Koze "Burn With Me"(Pampa)
16. Temma Teje "Nueva"(Cocoon PROMO)

Part 2
17. Demdike Stare "Dyslogy"(Modern Love)
18. Helix "Damnson"(Night Slugs)
19. DJ Spider "Chemical Skies"(Plan B Recordings PROMO)
20. Kowton & Julio Bashmore "Mirror Song"[Techno Remix](Broadwalk Records)
21. Roman Poncet "Cerate"(Figure)
22. Raffaele Attanasio "X-303"(Non Series)
23. Pangaea "Mission Creep"(Hadal)
24. Tin Man "U.R."(Pomelo)
25. Emmanuel "Lvanda"(Monique Musique)
26. Truncate "Message"(Truncate)
27. Worker\Parasite "Angkar Loeu"(Clan Destine Traxx)
28. Zadig "Londinium"(Children of Tomorow)
29. Marcelus "Another Way"(Singular Records)
30. Don Williams "Northern Bastille"(Gerberei)
End Of Show