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21 Jun 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 174 (Guest Mix by Ian Pelo)



This week's show kicks off with some spaced out grooves by Joey Anderson from his EP on Acid Test sublabel Avenue 66. Probably his best work yet if you ask me. I have two collaborations from Hakim Murphy he's done with G. Marcell (as Resonating) & Ike Release (Innerspace Halflife). I have some new music from Dungeon Acid, Jon Alcindor, WA, Joshua Harrison & Archie Pelago. New York label Opal Tapes has been a label to watch for the past several months & Nikolai's "The Symbols & The Signs" LP continues that trend... I have music from the albums of Freund Der Familie & Clockwork. More new music from Steffi & Rolando with Redshape & Matthew Herbert remixing The Analog Roland Orchestra & William Kouam Djoko rounding off the 1st Part of the show.

For the 2nd part of the show we have a guest mix from Ian Pelo featuring some tracks from Theo Parrish, Dices, Shoebox & Kuniyuki. I have some new music from Moire, Laszlo Dancehall & two forthcoming tracks from the Tom Tam Club compilation on Holic Trax.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Joey Anderson "Above The Cherry Moon"(Avenue 66)
2. Resonating "Enfirma"(Machining Dreams)
3. Dungeon Acid "Nude Descending A Staircase"(Clan Destine Traxx)
4. Innerspace Halflife "Orbital Contact"(Syncrophone PROMO)
5. Jon Alcindor "Perennial Green"(Don't Be Afraid)
6. WA "Trashy Raver Kidz"(Initials)
7. Nikolai "Two Ways"(Opal Tapes)
8. Joshua Harrison "IO"(Deeplabs)
9. Freund der Familie "Monday"(Freund der Familie)
10. Clockwork "False Matters"(Life and Death)
11. Archie Pelago "Breezy Whey"(Archie Pelago Music)
12. Steffi "DB011"(Dolly)
13. Rolando "We Will"(Osgut Ton)
14. The Analog Roland Orchestra "Wax"[Redshape Remix](Ornaments)
15. William Kouam Djoko "Man Like Me"[Matthew Herbert Remix](Leftroom PROMO)

Part 2
Guest mix by Ian Pelo
16. Theo Parrish "Bubbles"(Sound Signature)
17. Dices Feat Nevsky "Travel Bug"(Udacha)
18. VtotheD "We See Delicious Babes Dancing In Space"(Greta cottage workshop)
19. Freund Der Familie "In Distance"(FDF LP 01)
20. Shoebox "Where To Go"(Shoebox)
21. Unknown Artist "Untitled"(Ndalt Muzik)
22. Dusty baron - Accidental shot {Leleka}
23. Anne Clark,Kuniyuki Takahashi "Between Shadow & Light" [Kuniyuki remix] (Mule Electronic/Music)
End Of Mix
24. Moiré "Real Special"(Rush Hour)
25. Nicson "You, Me And All The Rest"(Holic Trax PROMO)
26. Laszlo Dancehall "Gave Up"(ManMake Music)
27. Keita Sano "Knock Flat"(Holic Trax PROMO)