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2 Jul 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #175 (Tri State NY/NJ Special)



This week's show is all about the artists in the Tri-State area of US that you know as New York & New Jersey. It's a scene that is more so recognized for the revival of Kerri Chandler inspired house from the 90's. This is sort of thanks to a lot of reissue of old cuts from the Burrell Brothers, Black Rascals to more recent producers like Bicep who were inspired by the sound. Well if you are expecting to hear that then you have another thing coming. Before I explain why, I would like to mention the inspiration behind this is due to The Plan B Recordings duo Dakini9 & DJ Spider. Meeting these two passionate producers/ label execs led to me wanting to show a much rougher & deeper side of a misunderstood scene. For this I thank them for this inspiration to dig deeper. So here we go.

For the 1st part of the show we have music from a brilliant trio Archie Pelago who are known for fusing live jazz with techno. As you know Madteo has had a massive year in 2012. His "Noi No" Album was considered one of my top 10 albums of last year. So one of his tracks from the album gets a replay as well as tunes by Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson & Hound Scales. Gobby is one artist that has made a lot of noise with his debut EP on NYC label UNO. This time I have added a tune from his debut LP Fashion Lady on the same label. Laurel Halo is originally from Ann Arbor but she has made quite a name for herself in the New York scene with her releases on Hyperdub. I included a track from her latest EP on the label. I have 2 artists from the Big Apple that are on German label Ostgut Ton. One is taken from Function's Incubation LP while the tune from Fred P is his contribution to the Panorama Bar Mix Series. I also have music from Dakini9 & Phil Moffa on Plan B Recordings. Vapauteen makes the cut with his tune on L.I.E.S. I have another great collaboration by New York producers DJ Spider & Mashallito on subBASS Sound System. Expect a lot more big cuts from them in the near future. Even Kerri Chandler manages to make the cut with his tune on German techno label Tresor.

We have DJ Qu starting & ending the part 2 of the show. One is an impressive track that features Peven Everett & Josh Milan of Blaze. The other is the usual grittiness that you would come to expect from him. I have music from Fred P's latest Album under his Black Jazz Consortium guise. I have replays of tunes by Anthony Naples, Eli Escobar, Machinedrum, Eamon Harkin & Falty DL. DJ Sotofett is in the mix with his production on Wania Records. I have another track from the L.I.E.S. camp by Steve Summers. Shawn O' Sullivan shows up with a big tune from Anthony Parasole's The Corner label. Last but not least we have music from the Sublevel sounds imprint with tunes from Alarma & Kuru remixed by Dakini9.

I really hope this shows a unique side of the Tri-State area. Expect to see more artists from this scene in more installments. Also if you want to know more about what is going on in the NYC be sure to check out the latest installment of Resident Advisor's Real Scenes series featuring Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.), Anthony Parasole (The Corner), Eamon Harkin (Mister Saturday Night) & Praveen Sharma of Sepalcure. You can see it here .

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Archie Pelago "Subway Gothic"(Well Rounded Individuals)
2. Madteo "Il Capoline"(Sähkö Recordings)
3. Levon Vincent "Stereo Systems"(Novel Sounds)
4. Joey Anderson "Press Play"(Latency)
5. Gobby "Cops"(UNO)
6. Laurel Halo "Sex Mission"(Hyperdub)
7. Dakini9 "Plutonian Moon"(Plan B Recordings PROMO)
8. Phil Moffa "Midnight Never Ends"(Plan B Recordings PROMO)
9. Fred P. "Project 05"(Ostgut Ton)
10. Hound Scales "Suction Clip"(Infinite Machine)
11. Function "Incubation"[Ritual](Ostgut Ton)
12. Vapauteen "Weld"(L.I.E.S.)
13. Kerri Chandler "Cobal"[Version 1](Tresor)
14. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Full Spectrum Dominance"(subBASS Sound System)

Part 2
15. DJ Qu feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan "The Way"(Strength Music)
16. Black Jazz Consortium "Amazing"(Soul People Music)
17. Anthony Naples "Busy Signal"(Trilogy Tapes)
18. Eli Escobar feat. Lindsey Caldwell "I Believe"(ditherdown)
19. Sepalcure "The One"[Kevin McPhee Remix](Hotflush)
20. Eamon Harkin "Rigor Music"[Roman Flugel Remix](Throne Of Blood)
21. DJ Sotofett "Dritfett B1"(Wania)
22. FaltyDL "She Sleeps"[Martyn Remix](Ninja Tune)
23. Shawn O'Sullivan "Security"(The Corner)
22. Steve Summers "Call Of The Wild"(L.I.E.S.)
23. DJ Sotofett feat. Madteo "There's Gotta Be A Way"[Vision Of Love Club Mix](Wania)
24. Alarma! "La Máquina De La Muerte!"(Sublevel Sounds)
25. Kuru "The Draconian Hybrids"[Dakini9 Remix](Sublevel Sounds)
26. Machinedrum "Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real"[Lando Kal Remix](Planet Mu)
27. Divvorce feat Hound Scales "E2"[Grenier Reformat](Fifth Wall PROMO)
28. DJ Qu "Undescribed1"[Multi](Syncrophone)