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19 Jul 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 177 (Next Gen Mix By Chris Worthy)



This week's show kicks off with a forthcoming remix of Jono McCleery on Ninja Tune by Djrum. I have new music from the likes of Matti Turunen, Redshape, Chris Mitchell, Anno Stamm along with music from the albums of Marcel Fengler & Robert Hood's Floorplan project. The triple play goes to Next Gen Alumnus Joey Anderson featuring tunes from his last 3 EPs on Inimeg, Latency & Anunnaki Cartel. Rounding off the 1st part of the show are cuts from Hieroglyphic Being, DJ Qu, Truncate & Parassela.

Last week we had Sau Poler's installment of the Next Gen Series. This time it is Chris Worthy of KMS Records. He released a very nice EP on Kevin Saunderson's imprint. He is also the nephew of well respected producer Juan Atkins. However after hearing his 1st release he is on the right track for being a good producer in his own right. His mix includes music from Martin Buttrich, Jackmate, Sable Sheep & Topspin. Be sure to check out his Paris Comes First EP on KMS Records if you like his tune rounding off the show. Next week will feature another Next Gen mix by Argentinian producer Martin Bellomo.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Jono McCleery "Ballade"[Djrum Remix](Ninja Tune PROMO)
2. Matti Turunen "Kanuuna"(Muhk)
3. Redshape "Daft Mode"(Delsin)
4. Chris Mitchell "Chaotic Elements"(Plan B Recordings)
5. Redshape "Disco Marauder"(Delsin)
6. Anno Stamm "New Age Advisor"(Meakusma)
Triple Play: Joey Anderson
7. Joey Anderson "Musical Tentacles"(Inimeg)
8. Joey Anderson "Attitude"(Latency)
9. Joey Anderson "RA"(Anunnaki Cartel)
10. M/M "Souterraine"(1080P)
11. Marcel Fengler "Sky Pushing"(Osgut Ton)
12. DJ Qu "Liquid"(Strength Music)
13. Floorplan "Never Grow Old"(M-Plant)
14. Hieroglyphic Being "The Electronic Belt"(Alter)
15. Truncate "Ratio 2"(Truncate)
16. Parassela feat. Pariah "A1 Untitled"(Restoration Records)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive mix by Chris Worthy (KMS Records)
17. Martin Buttrich "Back It Up" (Desolat)
18. Matteo Matteini "City Lights"
19. Luca Doobie "Nevica"
20. Cozzy D "Tease"[Uglh And Federico Locchi Remix]
21. Hanfry Martinez "Often Break"[Javier Carballo Remix]
22. Jackmate feat Nelson Machado "Disse"
23. Loquace "Flash FM"
24. Santos Resiak feat Dilo "A Better Light"[The Martinez Brothers Remix](One Records)
25. 2Raumwohnung "Der Letzte Abend Auf Der Welt"[Thomas Schumacher Remix](it-sounds)
26. Zeitgeist "Jazz Is Life"(Recycle Records)
27. Rills "Everybody"[Chris Carrier Remix](All Inn Records)
28. Sable Sheep "Painting My Fur" (Be As One)
29. Saverio Celestri feat Tausend "Hunting Party"(Pild Records)
30. Livio & Roby "Stapaniu Intergalactic"(Desolat)
31. Topspin & Dmit Kitz "Sophie's Choice"(Elegant Bit)
End Of Mix
32. Chris Worthy "Paris Comes First"(KMS Records)