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27 Jul 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 178 (Next Gen Mix By Martin Bellomo)



This week's show feature more music from Joey Anderson from his latest EP on Avenue 66. New music coming from the L.I.E.S. camp by Gunnar Halsem. More music coming from Chicago by Steven Tang & Innerspace Halflife. This week's triple play features tunes from the Apparel Music compilation Argentina Deep Army by Leonel Castillo, Pedro D'Alessandro & this week's Next Gen artist Martin Bellomo... ItaloJohnson's latest release is featured along with music from Kamikaze Space Program, Massimo Di Lena, Redshape, Mark Morris & Seelow (AKA Shed)... Rounding off the 1st part of the show is music from Eduardo De La Calle & DJ Ford Foster.

As mentioned this week's installment of the Next Gen Series is by Cordoba based producer Martin Bellomo. His mix features multiple tracks by Agnes including his Cavalier guise. He also has the latest release from The Mole along with music from his Rationalism label. Martin rounds off the mix with music from Paranoid London, Baby Pop, Bodeler & Pharcyde sampled groove of Konstantin Sibold's "Raimo" (I know Luiz Fonfa was the original sample). Big thanks to Martin Bellomo for taking time out of his schedule to do this mix for us. Be sure to keep an eye on what's going on with Martin & his Rationalism label here.

The second part of the show finishes with music from the Non Series label, Emmanuel, Roman Poncet & forthcoming music from Walter Ego on Kerri Chandler's Madtech label... Next week will feature another Next Gen Mix from Italian producer Fana. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Joey Anderson "Above The Cherry Moon"[Vakula Remix](Avenue 66)
2. Gunnar Halsem "B61"(L.I.E.S.)
3. Steven Tang "Some Solace"(Smallville)
4. Innerspace Halflife "Electric Gaze"(Skudge Records)
Triple Play: Various Aritsts "Argentina Deep Army: La Sociedad De La Medianoche" (Apparel Music)
5. Leonel Castillo "Gema Uno"(Apparel Music)
6. Martin Bellomo "Samba Quipildor"(Apparel Music)
7. Pedro D'Alessandro "Neva Enought"(Apparel Music)
8. ItaloJohnson "B1. Untitled"(ItaloJohnson)
9. Walton "Amazon"(Hyperdub)
10. Kamikaze Space Programme "Battery"(WNCL Recordings)
11. Massimo Di Lena "Hardlife"(Early Sounds)
12. Redshape "The Source"(Delsin)
13. Seelow "Fatal Chord"(The Final Experience)
14. Joey Anderson "Auset"(Avenue 66)
15. Mark Morris "Dusty Moment Of Life"(Ketra Records)
16. Eduardo De La Calle "Quasi-calligraphic 09"(Semantica)
17. DJ Ford Foster "Corridor"(Opal Tapes)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Martin Bellomo (Rationalism Records)
18. The Mole "Lockdown Party"(Perlon)
19. Matthias Vogt "Channel Keys"(Treibstoff)
20. Agnès "Soufflé"[Accent Grave Mixx](Sthlmaudio Recordings)
21. Milton Jackson "Satisfied"(Tsuba)
22. Cavalier "Kaimanawa"(Drumpoet Comunnity)
23. Lucianno Villarreal "Cada Dia Cada Noche!"[JAM mix](Rationalism Records)
24. Mr. G "Womb"(Phoenix G)
25. Agnes & Torpedoman "$ Throats"[Deep Garage Mixx](Sthlmaudio Recordings)
26. Paranoid London feat. Paris Brightledge "Paris Dub 1"(Paranoid London)
27. Baby Pop "U Know What Im Saying"(Relief Records)
28. Bodeler "Rough side"(Rationalism Records)
29. Konstantin Sibold "Raimo"(Caramelo)
End Of Mix
30. Walter Ego "Jam Roll"[For Love](Madtech PROMO)
31. Emmanuel "Radice"(ARTS)
32. Maan "Trow"[Marcel Dettmann Stripped Down Version](Non Series)
33. Raffaele Attanasio "OTR"(Non Series)
34. Roman Poncet "Route Of Pain"(Figure)