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3 Aug 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 179 (Next Gen Mix By Fana)



For this week's show we have another remix by Djrum of Haraket's Taint on Melodica Recordings. I have more music by Truncate, Eduardo De La Calle, Joey Anderson & Innerspace Halflife. DVS1 remixes Nina Kraviz on Rekids while Skudge remixes Recondite. Far Out Recordings has now enlisted Jonas Kopp to remix Kirk Degiorgio's Sambatek project. Detroit legend Terrence Dixon kicks off his Reduction label with new music under his Population One alias. The/Das gets an tough rerub by 50 weapons producer Benjamin Damage. The latter part of the 1st half goes very leftfield with music from S Olbricht, Life's Track, a triple play of Portuguese producer IVVVO & this week's Next Gen artist Fana.

We have another Next Gen mix for the 4th week in a row. This time is from the aforementioned Italian producer Fana. The track played in the first hour was what prompted me to contact him for this mix. His combination of South African inspired tribal grooves meets the Berghain had me hooked in. Sure enough he did not disappoint with his exclusive installment of the Next Gen Series. The mix features some cuts from legendary producers Isolee, Redshape, Cristian Vogel & Photek. This meshed with some unreleased collaboration featuring producer himself. He also has some acid wizardry from Jared Wilson, DJ Koze's remix of Ada & a T++ remix of Monolake. Certainly well done & big thanks to Fana for taking the time to do this. Be sure to check out his Mabepha Ep on MagmatiQ Records. I rounded the show off with new music from Nick Simoncino, Hakim Murphy, Black Rose & Dario Zenker's remix of Oliver Deutschmann....

I also want to mention that I have made my Juno charts for the month of August. So if you are about the vinyl picks go here & if you are a digi head go here.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Haraket "Taint"[Djrum Remix](Melodica Recordings)
2. Truncate "Ratio 1"(Truncate)
3. Eduardo De La Calle "Reliable Sources"(Semantica)
4. Nina Kraviz "Best Friend"[DVS1 Forever Mix](Rekids)
5. Recondite "Hermelin"[Skudge Tribal Mix](Trolldans Records)
6. Kirk Degiorgio presents Sambatek "Borel"[Jonas Kopp 'My Vision Of Samba' Remix](Far Out Recordings)
7. Populaion One "B1"(Reduction)
8. The/Das "Have No Fear"[Fear Mix by Benjamin Damage](Krakatau Records)
9. Will & Ink "Third Fermat"(Will & Ink)
10. Hiss : 1292 "An Ethereal World Created Through The Poetic Imagination"(DEMENT3D Records)
11. Fana "Sungwi"(MagmatiQ Records)
12. Joey Anderson "Ancient Model"(Anunnaki Cartel)
13. Innerspace Halflife "Dogstarr"(Skudge)
14. S Olbricht "Tter"(Opal Tapes)
15. Life's Track "Dark Clouds"(Bosconi)
Triple Play: IVVVO
16. IVVVO "Darkness In My Soul"(Public Information)
17. IVVVO "Rainy Rave"(Opal Tapes)
18. IVVVO "Before The Death Of Rave"(Public Information)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Fana (MagmatiQ Records)
19. Isolee "A Nightingale"(Diynamic Music)
20. Andy Stott "Luxury Problems"(Modern Love)
21. Silent Servant "The Self"(Sandwell District)
22. Monolake "Atlas" [T++ Remix](Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music)
23. Redshape "Alpha On The Rocks"(Present)
24. Fana&Grai "The Dawn"(unreleased)
25. A Made Up Sound "Crisis"(A Made Up Sound)
26. Jason Brunton "Flat Earth Society"(Iridite Productions)
27. Cristian Vogel "Sarcastically Tempered Powers"(Loaded)
28. F-Ring "Berserkr" (unreleased)
29. Photek+Pinch "Acid Reign"(Photek Productions)
30. Ada "Eve"[DJ Koze Remix](Areal Records)
31. Jared Wilson "Let Your Body Make Your Body"(Dolly)
32. Instra:mental "8"(Nonplus)
33. Convextion "Romantic Interface"(AW-Recordings)
34. Lil' Tony "House"(Innervisions)
35. Nathan Fake "Paean"(Borders Community)
End Of Mix
36. Nick Anthony Simoncino "Tramonto Techno"(Bosconi)
37. Hakim Murphy "ES2"(Plan B Recordings)
38. Black Rose "Sky"(Sunday-Music)
39. Oliver Deutschmann "Hold On"[Dario Zenker Remix](Aura.Karma.Records)