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10 Aug 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 180 (TF's Plan B Recordings Label Of The Month Mixtape)



This week's show kicks off with some instrumental beats from AbJo on Monty Luke's Black Catalogue label. This is followed by my little tribute to George Duke who passed away earlier this week. I decided to play a slightly different take on one of his classics by Spacek. I have catchy mid tempo Polish disco edit by Ptaki. I have new music from the albums of Washerman & Vakula. Kirk Degiorgio has decided to release some of his out of print productions under his As One moniker.

Juju & Jordash remixes Sisterhood on Tief Music. More music coming from the Werkdisc camp by Helena Hauff. I've also include music from Asusu & French Fries. Four Tet remixes Toronto group DIANA, Gerry Read does his take on Felix Fenferink & Truncate remixes Oscar Mulero. This week's triple play features music from New York producer Anthony Parasole's latest releases on MDR & his The Corner label.

Speaking of New York, the latest installment of my label mixtape series is all about New York label Plan B Recordings & its sublabel Sublevel Sounds founded by producers DJ Spider & Lola AKA Dakini9. The label(s) are notorious for it's uncompromising sound whether it is Drone, Ambient, Deep House or Techno. The talent duo is the epitomy of hardwork & dedication. They also have tunes that provides unique perspectives about occult issues that are the cause of what is wrong with this world.

So for the mixtape it would be deemed appropriate for me to kick off the mix with the intro from Alarma! LP on Sublevel Sounds. It certainly says a lot about how laws can be proposed without the people being informed of the effect. I have tribal groove from Japanese producer Takenawa. The first lady of Plan B Dakini9 was represented with music from her Inter Limits EP. I have the original & DJ Spider remix of Chris Mitchell's Drone Warz track that is the latest release coming out of the camp. Chicago producers Hakim Murphy, Amir Alexander & Mauser are in the mix. I have 2 amazing remixes of DJ Spider's Kuru project by Joey Anderson & Innerspace Halflife that were in my top 20 for 2012. Lastly of coarse there is the acid wizardry of DJ Spider's "Chemical Skies". Be sure to check out their catalog on discogs & their Bandcamp page for purchasing any of their vinyl/cd releases.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. AbJo "For What It's Worth"(Black Catologue)
1. George Duke "Feel"[Spacek Remix](MPS)
2. Ptaki "Krystyna"(The Very Polish Cut Outs)
3. Washerman "Belts of Orion"(Drumpoet Community)
4. Sisterhood "Tannhauser"[JuJu & Jordash Remix](Tief Music)
5. Vakula "We Have Soul"(Firecracker)
6. Kirk Degiorgio AKA As One "Meridian"(Applied Rhythmic Technology)
7. Helena Hauff "Actio Reactio"(Werkdiscs)
8. French Fries ft.Chaos In The CBD "Traxx"(Clek Clek Boom)
9. Asusu "Rendering"(Livity Sound)
10. DIANA "Perpetual Surrender"[Four Tet Remix](Jagjaguwar)
11. Felix Fenferink "Third Bouree"[Gerry Read Remix](Fourth Wave)
Triple Play: Anthony Parasole
12. Anthony Parasole "Off The Grid"(MDR)
13. Anthony Parasole "Quickstrike 01"(The Corner)
14. Anthony Parasole "Transform"(MDR)
15. Oscar Mulero "Rotula"[Truncate Remix](Modularz)
16. Breaker 1 2 "DMT"(Forbidden Planet)

Part 2
TF's Label Of The Month Mixtape: Plan B Recordings
17. Alarma! "HR8791!"(Sublevel Sounds)*
18. Takenawa "4est"(Plan B Recordings)
19. Dakini9 "Plutonian Moon"(Plan B Recordings)
20. Hakim Murphy "Errr"(Plan B Recordings)
21. Chris Mitchell "Drone Warz"(Plan B Recordings)
22. DJ Spider "The Empty Tomb"[DJ Aakmael Remix](Sublevel Sounds)*
23. Amir Alexander "Wolfsbane"(Plan B Recordings)
24. Mauser "Small Sounds On The Redline"(Plan B Recordings)
25. Dakini9 "Residual Feeling"(Plan B Recordings)
26. DJ Spider "Crack Factory"[Hakim Murphy Remix](Sublevel Sounds)*
27. Alarma! "La Máquina De La Muerte!"(Sublevel Sounds)*
28. Takenawa "Fall Moon"(Plan B Recordings)
29. Kuru "Black Moon Lilith"[Joey Anderson Remix](Sublevel Sounds)*
30. Chris Mitchell "Drone Warz"[DJ Spider Remix](Plan B Recordings)
31. Kuru "Mobius Strip"[Innerspace Halflife Remix](Sublevel Sounds)*
32. DJ Spider "Chemical Skies"(Plan B Recordings)
33. Mauser "All Set"(Plan B Recordings)
34. Alarma! "Reptil!"(Sublevel Sounds)*
* Sublevel Sounds is a sublabel of Plan B Recordings
End Of Mix