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7 Sep 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 183 (Parabens Brasil! Special)



This week's show is all about Brazil, Thelonious Funk Session's style to say the least. I felt that it was something that had to be done considering that Brazil will be 513 year old on Saturday September 7th. Also this was something that was bound to happen. Many people are aware of how much influence Brazil has been in various areas of electronic music. From old school house, Nujazz & Broken Beat to Deep House & Techno, you will find Brazil's influence in electronic. However no one ever talks about how electronic music has been an influence on Brazil as far as the producers themselves. So for this the twist is all about not just the artists outside of Brazil influenced by the Brazilian culture but vice versa. As you will see there will be a lot of music on this show from the Hy Brazil compilation series & from UK label Far Out Recordings. They are notorious of fusing electronic music with a bit of Brazilian ginga in their music.

So kicking off the show I have music from the Hy Brazil compilation series from Brazilian producers Pazes, DJ Guerrinha, Bruno Real & Epicentro do Bloquinho. Legendary Brazilian artists Azymuth & Marcos Valle gets remixes by Jazzanova, Mark E & techno producer Kirk Degiorgio. Kirk Degiorgio also has his SambaTek project remixed by BNJMN & Argentinian producer Jonas Kopp on Far Out Recordings. Brazilian techno producer Wehba gets a re-rub from Swedish producer Samuel L. Sessions. Even Bebel Gilberto gets the Nordic touch by Prins Thomas.

European producers Alfabet, James Din A4 & Sei A makes good use of the samba groove with their releases on Rush Hour, Esel & Turbo Recordings. Japanese Jazz Band Quasimode gets a remix from Spiritual South on Raw Fusion. Ye:Solar gets a remix from Inverse Cinematics (now known as Motor City Drum Ensemble). Italoboyz does interesting take on John Coltrane's "Bahia". I have more Brazilian inspired tracks from Afefe Iku, Truffle Tribe & Mustafa. Roman Flugel & Gold Panda's lastest albums had some brazilian influence. Roman's Fatty Folders Album was one of the highlights of 2011 while Gold Panda's "Half Of Where You Live" Album has received critical acclaim this year. You will see why with the tracks represented on the show.

I've said enough about the show. It's certianly not the traditional you will expect but I try to change it up a bit ya know... So have an open ear and more importantly...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Pazes "Cendres"(Hy Brazil)
2. Alfabet "Hell Of Samba"(Rush Hour)
3. James Din A4 "Untitled"[James Din A4 Remix](Esel)
4. Sei A "Blades of Brasil"(Turbo Recordings)
5. Marcos Valle "Besteiras De Amor"[Jazzanova Remix](Far Out)
6. Bruno Real "No Concreto, A Flor"(Hy Brazil)
7. Azymuth "Meu Mengo"[Mark E Remix](Far Out)
8. DJ Guerrinha "Pra Que Ter O Alvara Se Você Cega Eles Com Luz Estrobo?"(Hy Brazil)
9. Quasimode "Ipe Amarelo"[Spiritual South Skitzophremix](Raw Fusion)
10. Ye:Solar "Hithot"[Inverse Cinematics ''Abi 05'' Remix](Vinyl Vibes)
11. Italoboyz vs John Coltrane "Bahia"[Mucho Lungo](Mothership)
12. Afefe Iku "Bodydrummin"(Yoruba Records)
13. Truffle Tribe "Prism 01"(Irma)

Part 2
14. Dave Da Gato "El Diablo"(Fluid Ounce)
15. Kirk Degiorgio Presents SambaTek "Babilônia"[BNJMN Remix](Far Out)
16. Bebel Gilberto "Bring Back The Love"[Prins Thomas Remix](Six Degrees)
17. Epicentro do Bloquinho "2303"(Hy Brazil)
18. Gold Panda "Brazil"(Ghostly International)
19. Jay Haze feat. The Sao Paulo Drum Circle "You Drive Me Mad"(Contexterrior)
20. Roman Flügel "Brasil"(Dial)
21. Bruno Real "Footnote"(Bruno Real)
22. Mustafa "Sambando"(Onda Unda)
23. Dom Um Romao "Escravos Do Jo"[Remix](Floorplay)
24. Cuica "Why Not Samba"(Ubiquity Records)
25. Joe Clausell "Je Ka Jo"[Instrumental](Ibadan)
26. 3rd Face "Joga Bola"[Pastaboys Manocalda Remix](Dirty House)
27. Roman Flügel "Rude Awakening"(Dial)
28. Wehba "The Speech"[Samuel L. Session Remix](Tronic)
29. Azymuth "Diz No Pé"[Kirk Degiorgio Remix](Far Out)
30. Kirk Degiorgio Presents SambaTek "Borel"[Jonas Kopp 'My Vision Of Samba' Remix](Far Out)