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24 Sep 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 184 (TF's Episodes Label Of The Month Mixtape)



Been a few weeks since my last show but I made it worth the wait. This weeks show kicks off with music from the albums of Natasha Kmeto & Machinedrum. This week's triple play is all about Greg Beato featuring one of his remixes of Raw M.T. & tunes from his releases on Apron Records & Russian Torrent Versions. More tracks from albums of Vakula, Patricia & Prince Of Denmark. You will find out if they will be ranked for my Album Of Year Special. Nice collaboration between Shaun J. Wright (Hercules & Love Affair fame) & Alinka on Classic Music Company. New music from Arttu, BLM, Kobosil along with a massive Kenny Larkin remix of La Fleur on Watergate Records. James Ruskin, Hound Scales & Ben Sims rounds out the first part of the show.

This week features a mix of the entire catalog of Episodes Records founded back in April of last year by Chicago producer Ike Release. If you have been following this show we were introduced to this limited Vinyl imprint in Ike Release's initial installment of my Next Gen Exclusive mix series. So as mentioned the mix includes music from Hakim Murphy, Innerspace Halflife (Ike Release & Hakim Murphy), Spirit Of The Black 808, Pegasus Heat (Hakim Murphy & Chicago Skyway) & the founder himself. The label only presses 200 copies with no repress so get your hands on all of the releases before the price goes up on Discogs. Big ups to Ike Release for representing the next generation of Chicago with his label.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Natasha Kmeto "Morning Sex"(Dropping Gems)
2. Machinedrum "Gunshotta"(Ninja Tune)
Triple Play: Greg Beato
3. Raw M.T. "Sara"[Greg Beato Remix](Wicked Bass)
4. Greg Beato "A1"(Russian Torrent Versions)
5. Greg Beato "Respect The 78"(Apron Records)
6. Vakula "EXP Techno"(Firecracker)
7. Patricia "Josephine"(Opal Tapes)
8. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka "I Wanna Go"(Classic Music Company PROMO)
9. Arttu "Next System"(Philpot)
10. BLM "Tough Times"(Black Key PROMO)
11. La Fleur "Nightflow"[Kenny Larkin Drama Mix](Watergate)
12. Kobosil "Aggregate"(Underton)
13. Prince of Denmark "Cut Untitled Cut"(Forum)
14. James Ruskin "Into A Circle"(Jealous God)
15. Hound Scales "Wig Coat"(Future Grooves)
16. Ben Sims "Raw Hide"(CDR)

Part 2
TF's Label Of The Month Mixtape: Episodes
17. Ike Release "Puntigam"(Episodes)
18. Hakim Murphy "Analog Stroll"(Episodes)
19. Innerspace Halflife "Hidden Mist"(Episodes)
20. Spirit Of The Black 808 "Analog Funktions"(Episodes)
21. Pegasus Heat "Candy Mountain"(Episodes)
22. Ike Release "Subsequent"[Hakim Murphy Reminnterpretation](Episodes)
23. Hakim Murphy "BBQ Knobs"(Episodes)
24. Pegasus Heat "Yum Yum"[Ike Release Gummi Remix](Episodes)
25. Ike Release "Wetworks"(Episodes)
26. Spirit Of The Black 808 "FrecuenciaX0X"(Episodes)
27. Pegasus Heat "Yum Yum"(Episodes)
28. Innerspace Halflife "Metropolitan"(Episodes)
29. Hakim Murphy "Technis"(Episodes)
30. Ike Release "Subsequent"(Episodes)
31. Hakim Murphy "Tunnel Dark"(Episodes)
32. Pegasus Heat "Doorbell Action"(Episodes)
33. Spirit Of The Black 808 "SB808"(Episodes)
34. Innerspace Halflife "Cold Fusion"(Episodes)
End Of Mix