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7 Oct 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #185



This show is all about pure selections from my collection. Kicking off the show I have music from the albums of Forest Swords, Rhye, Four Tet & Luke Slater's LB Dub Corp project. Altered Native returns with a massive tune that has a sick broken drum kick combo that is sure to draw attention. I have music from Christian Prommer, Chris Turner & Chris Mitchell. This week's triple play features music from the Still Music compilation In The Dark: Detroit Is Back featuring tunes from Marcellus Pittman, Todd Modes & DJ 3000. A must have! Rounding out the 1st part of the show I have new music from Sei A, Untidy, Matt Tolfrey, Jerome Derradji, & The Oliverwho Factory.

The 2nd part of the show goes more left field featuring music from PHORK, Fabrizio Lapiana, Gonzalo MD & another tune on the Still Music compilation by Terrence Dixon. Untidy shows up on the 2nd part of the show along with music from Prince Of Denmark, STL & Pink Skull. I have some acid groove from Gerstaffelen, Perseus Traxx & Chicago producers Steven Tang & Sun God. Rounding off the show are tunes from Unbroken Dub, Craft (AKA Shed), Modular Cowboy & Tadeo. Tons of big tunes to check out.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Forest Swords "Thor's Stone"(Tri Angle)
2. Rhye "Open"(Polydor/Republic)
3. Four Tet "Parallel Jalebi"(Text)
4. Altered Natives "The Beastly Ghastly"(Hoya Hoya)
5. LB Dub Corp "Nearly Africa"(Osgut Ton)
6. Bakradze "Where Time Forgot"(TEAL)
7. Christian Prommer "Sarabande"[Christian Loeffler Remix](Musica Autonomica)
8. Chris Turner "Fly Love"[Friend Within Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
9. Chris Mitchell "E Must Go"(Plan B Recordings)
Triple Play: Various Artists "In The Dark: Detroit Is Back"(Still Music)
10. Marcellus Pittman "Make It Work"(Still Music PROMO)
11. Todd Modes "I'd Rather Be With You"(Still Music PROMO)
12. DJ 3000 "Faygo"(Still Music PROMO)
13. Sei A "Menchy"(Convex Industries)
14. Untidy "Untitled A2"(Untidy)
15. Matt Tolfrey feat Marshall Jefferson "The Truth"[Geeeman Rough Mix](Leftroom PROMO)
16. Sei A "Swoon"(Turbo Recordings)
17. Jerome Derradji "Getloose"(Stillove4music PROMO)
18. The Oliverwho Factory "Mind Free"(Bosconi)

Part 2
19. PHORK "Collective Delierium"(Opal Tapes)
20. Fabrizio Lapiana "Stress"(Attic Music)
21. Gonzalo MD "Black Enemy"(Knotweed)
22. Terrence Dixon "The Fall Guy Pt. 1"(Still Music PROMO)
23. Untidy "Untitled B1"(Untidy)
24. Prince of Denmark "Your Body"(Forum)
25. Pink Skull "Frottage Industry"(Metis Recordings PROMO)
26. STL "Phasendreher"(Something)
27. Gerstaffelen "The Old Villagers"(M>O>S)
28. Sun God "The Library of Babel"(Bio Rhythm)
29. Steven Tang "Heat Burst"(Smallville)
30. Perseus Traxx "Zeus' Thunder"(Bunker Records)
31. Unbroken Dub "Mansy Song"(Rawax)
32. Craft "Seq Interrupt"(The Final Experiment)
33. Modular Cowboy "A1"(Modular Cowboy)
34. Tadeo "Morse Processing"(Another Intelligence)