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19 Oct 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #186 (TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape Vakula AKA Vedomir)



This week's show features music from the Samurai Horo compilation The Scope by Kiyoko and Es.tereo & Marlyn. I have more music from Bonobo's album on Ninja Tune. Theo Parrish brings in a new talent in young Detroit producer Jay Daniel on his Sound Signature label. Keith Worthy is featured this week along with Joey Anderson's remix of Tin Man on Acid Test. This week's triple play of the week is all about the Russian Torrent Versions imprint releases featuring music by Vereker, Greg Beato & Chicago producer Svengalisghost. I have music from Developer, Jam City, Altered Natives along with tunes from the albums of L.B. Dub Corp & Prince Of Denmark. Jerome Derradji & SCNTST rounds off the 1st part of the show.

The second part of the show is my artist of the month mixtape for the talented producer from Konotop, Russia known as Vakula AKA Vedomir. So to keep it simple I decided to play a few tracks from his latest album "You've Never Been To Konotop" along with tunes from his self titled Dekmantel album under his Vedomir productions. There are also some remixes he has done for Joey Anderson, Aera, Trus'Me & Moodymann. Furthermore there aome some tracks that you will only find on his Bandcamp page as well... So a very nice variety of my favorite cut from the producer. Be sure to check out his album on Firecracker is you like what you have heard in the mix.

Lastly I have provided my vinyl & digital picks for this month. Be sure to check it our on the Juno & Juno Download sites.

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Kiyoko "Something To Think About"(Samurai Horo)
2. Bonobo "Ten Tigers"(Ninja Tune)
3. Es.tereo & Marlyn "Cutting You Loose"(Samurai Horo)
4. Jay Daniel "No Love Lost"(Sound Signature)
5. Keith Worthy "Cyclops"(Still Music PROMO)
6. Tin Man "Futurist Acid"[Joey Anderson Remix](Acid Test/Absurd)
7. Untidy "Untitled B2"(Untidy)
Triple Play: Russian Torrent Versions
8. Vereker "A1"(Russian Torrent Versions)
9. Greg Beato "A1"(Russian Torrent Versions)
10. Svengalisghost "The Booth"(Russian Torrent Versions)
11. Developer "Reaching"(Developer Archive)
12. L.B. Dub Corp "No Trouble In Paradise"(Osgut Ton)
13. Prince of Denmark "Signam"(Forum)
14. Jam City "Melty Valve"(Night Slug)
15. Altered Natives "The Flattery Of Stalkers"(Hoya Hoya)
16. Jerome Derradji "Raw Bump"(Stillove4music)
17. SCNTST "Basement Structure"(BNR)

Part 2
TF's Artist of the Month Mixtape: Vakula AKA Vedomir (Firecracker/Dekmantel Records)
18. Joey Anderson "Above The Cherry Moon"[Vakula Remix](Avenue 66)
19. Vakula "Mama Said Go Slow"[Album Version](Firecracker)
20. Moodymann "When She Follows"[Vakula Remix](CDR)
21. Vakula "Fifth Experiment"(Bandura)
22. Vakula "Moon Above Moscow"(Vakula Bandcamp)
23. Aera "Bourbon Skies"[Vakula Remix](Arma)
24. Vakula & Kuniyuki "Session North #1"[Kuniyuki Version](Soundofspeed)
25. Vakula "We Have Soul"(Firecracker)
26. Trus'Me "Need A Job"[Vakula Remix](Prime Numbers)
27. Vakula "New Romantic"(Firecracker)
28. Vedomir "Forks, Knives And Spoons"(Dekmantel)
29. Vakula "U Know It"(Vakula Bandcamp)
30. Vakula "In My Head"(Firecracker)
31. Vedomir "Scream Kind Of Morning"(Dekmantel)
32. Vakula "You've Never Been To Konotop"(Firecracker)
33. Vedomir "Dreams"[Marcel Dettmann Remix](Dekmantel)
34. Vakula "W_Archive 2009"(Vakula Bandcamp)
35. Vakula "EXP Techno"(Firecracker)
36. Vakula "Arp"(Vakula Bandcamp)
37. Vedomir "Musical Suprematism"[Marcel Dettmann Remix](Dekmantel)
End Of Mix