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2 Dec 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #189 Year End Review 2013 [Vol. 1 of 5]



The time is here for this Year's edition of the top 100 tunes of the year. So in case you may not have followed this show the rules are straight forward & simple. If the tracks were originally released from December 1st of 2012 to November 30th of 2013 they qualify.

So for the first installment of the 5 volume series I have music from Forest Swords kicking off the top 100. Sei A's footwork flavored take on Samaris makes the cut. I have a track from Demdike Stare's 3rd & best Testpressing series on Modern Love. NYC Producer Patricia makes the cut with a track from brilliant LP on Opal Tapes. Ripperton's Balearic edit of the Global Communication tune along with Pev & Hodge's collaboration on Punch Drunk. More brilliant cuts by Dresvn, Innerspace Halflife with Joey Anderson & Marcellus Pittman's remix of Nina Kraviz rounding off the top 100...

For the top 90 we have music from Truncate, Roman Poncet, Prince of Denmark, Marcelus & A Sagittariun. I have more music from the Opal Tapes camp by DJ Ford Foster. I have solo tracks from Marco & Dario Zenker on their Illian Tape label. Japanese producer Takenawa makes the cut with music from his EP on Plan B Recordings. Joey Anderson appears on the Year End Review yet again only this time he remixes October's Unstable Phenomenon on Voodoo Dawn to round off the show. Next week we dive into the top 80. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
100. Forest Swords "Thor's Stone"(Tri Angle)
99. Samaris "Góða Tungl"[Sei A Remix](One Little Indian)
98. Demdike Stare "Eulogy"(Modern Love)
97. Patricia "Waiting For Alexis"(Opal Tapes/Black Opal)
96. Global Communication "Maiden Voyage"[Ripperton Edit](Philomena)
95. Dresvn "Millions of Trees"(Sued Records) 08.26.13 cd3
94. Pev and Hodge "Bells"[Dream Sequence](Punch Drunk)
93. Innerspace Halflife "Electric Gaze"(Skudge White)
92. Nina Kraviz "Working"[Marcellus Pittman Remix](Rekids)
91. Joey Anderson "Press Play"(Latency)

Part 2
90. Truncate "Ratio 1"(Truncate)
89. Roman Poncet "Cerate"(Figure)
88. Prince of Denmark "Cut Untitled Cut"(Forum)
87. Marco Zenker "Bouya"(Ilian Tape)
86. Marcelus "Another Way"(Singular Records)
85. Dario Zenker "Growin"(Ilian Tape)
84. DJ Ford Foster "Corridor"(Opal Tapes)
83. Takenawa "Delicious Effect"(Plan B Recordings)
82. A Sagittariun "Fire Sign"(Elastic Dreams)
81. October "Unstable Phenomenon"[Joey Anderson Remix](Voodoo Dawn)