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16 Dec 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #191 Year End Review 2013 [Vol. 3 of 5]



For the 3rd installment of the Year End Review we go into the top 60 with music from John Roberts, Leif, Klose One & Redshape. Dynamo Dreesen's collaboration with DJ Sotofett & Philip Gelberg on Acido makes the cut. I have music from Breaker 1 2's brilliant EP on Forbidden Planet along with Klose One's EP on School. Map.Ache makes the cut with another tune from his Ulfo album. Italian producer & recent Next Gen alum Fana make the list with some deadly Techno with a South African flavor. DJ Spider & Marshallito makes the Year End Review for the 2nd Year in a row & Gesloten Cirkel's remix of Candyblasta rounds off the top 60.

Pev kicks off the top 50 with some techy breaks from his Livity Sound imprint. I have music from Adesse, Marcellis & Detroit supergroup 3 Chairs. This is followed by a triple dose of Tri-State rawness by Joey Anderson (once again), Dakini9 & Fred P. I have music from the Untidy crew, Dualit & Ben Sims to end this installment. Next week we go into the top 40 so be prepared.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
60. John Roberts "Palace"(Dial) 04.16.13 cd4
59. Dynamo Dreesen feat. DJ Sotofett & P.Gelberg "Asis"[Part 1](Acido) 12.01.12 cd5
58. Map.Ache "Presents DJ Mapi" (Kann) 02.14.13 cd6
57. Leif "Fortune"(Fear Of Flying)
56. Klose One "Slippery"(School) 08.26.13 cd4
55. Breaker 1 2 "Estonia"(Forbidden Planet) 06.25.13 cd8
54. Redshape "Wires"(Present)
53. Fana "Sungwi"(MagmatiQ Records) 06.02.13 cd7
52. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Full Spectrum Dominance"(subBASS Sound System) 01.28.13 cd9
51. Candyblasta "Hippocratic Oath"[Gesloten Cirkel Remix](Permanent Vacation)

Part 2
50. Pev "Aztec Chant"(Livity Sound) 04.09.13 cd2 & 08.12.13 cd10
49. Adesse "Baayi"(Prime Numbers) 05.01.13 cd1
48. Marcellis "Untitled B1"(Workshop) 12.19.12 cd6
47. 3 Chairs "Demigods"(Three Chairs) 03.29.13 cd10 & 08.12.13 cd8
46. Joey Anderson "Ass Kicked"(Syncrophone)
45. Dakini9 "Plutonian Moon"(Plan B Recordings) 05.12.13 cd2
44. Fred P "Splitting Particles"(The Corner)
43. Untidy "Untitled A1"(Untidy) 08.09.13 cd5
42. Dualit "Thyone"(Earwiggle) 08.25.13 cd2
41. Ben Sims "Joyrider"(Theory) 08.25.13 cd9