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23 Dec 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #192 Year End Review 2013 [Vol. 4 of 5]



We go into the Top 40 this Christmas week with music from Joey Anderson, October, Eduardo De La Calle & a breathtaking remix of Royce Wood Junior by Djrum. Lola aka Dakini9 makes the list as a remixer for Lilith on Dosed Recordings while her Plan B partner in "sludge" DJ Spider hits you with some acid wizardry from their Plan B compilation. Marcel Dettmann hit us with some Terrence Dixonesque techno groove from his album... One new label worth keeping an eye is Butter Sessions featuring Sleep D. Their tune from their from their debut on EP makes the cut. Zadig & Peter Van Hoesen rounds off the top 40...

For the Top 30 I have tunes from Altered Natives, Pangaea, Special Request & Daphni remixes Holden's Renata in a vibe reminiscent of Herbert in his Bodily Functions days. Another cut from the Ninja Tune emerges. This time is it is Osgut Ton duo Barker and Baumecker remixing Letherette. Boddika & Joy Orbison continue to shine year after year & their 2 collaborations from the NonPlus compilation "Think & Change" makes the top 30. I have more amazing music from Laurel Halo, A Made Up Sound & Jam City to end this 4th installment. Next week we finish this year off with the top 20 tunes of 2013. Until enjoy the music & your Christmas...

Happy Holidays,

Henderick aka Thelonious Funk


Part 1
40. Joey Anderson "Above The Cherry Moon"(Avenue 66)
39. Royce Wood Junior "Jodie"[Djrum Remix](2nd Drop)
38. October "Decompression Chamber"(UntilMyHeartStops)
37. Eduardo De La Calle "Quasi-calligraphic 09"(Semantica)
36. Lilith "Belle"[Lola Remix](Dosed Recordings)
35. Marcel Dettmann "Corridor"(Osgut Ton)
34. DJ Spider "Chemical Skies"(Plan B Recordings)
33. Sleep D "The Frankston Jackal"(Butter Sessions)
32. Zadig "TTRXL"(Deeply Rooted House)
31. Peter Van Hoesen "Force Withdrawn"(Tresor)

Part 2
30. Altered Natives "The Beastly Ghastly"(Hoya Hoya)
29. Letherette "After Dawn"[Barker and Baumecker Remix](Ninja Tune)
28. Holden "Renata"[Daphni Remix](Borders Community)
27. Boddika & Joy Orbison "&Fate"(NonPlus+)
26. Pangaea "Mission Creep"(Hadal)
25. Special Request "Wall To Wall"(Houndstooth)
24. A Made Up Sound "Endgame"(A Made Up Sound)
23. Jam City "Melty Valve"(Night Slugs)
22. Laurel Halo "Chance of Rain"(Hyperdub)
21. Boddika & Joy Orbison "Mercy"[Boddika's VIP](NonPlus+)