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1 Feb 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #194



Hope the first few weeks of your New Year has been pleasant. Kicking off the show I have Last Magpie Remixing Newbie Nerdz on Gruuv records. I have some Detroit electro breaks by Gesloten Cirkel, Benjamin Brunn & A Sagittariun remixing Teeth of the Sea. October remixes Dan Beaumont on Classic Music Company. The first triple play feature music from Work Them Records by Young Male & Pittsburgh Track Authority. More new music from Adjowa on Don't Be Afraid Records. New music from Flying Lotus doing some funky deep house in an Andres tip... I have a nice patten edit of Burial's Untrue. Innerspace Halflife returns with a remix of Anaxander. More music from Sleep D, Kyle Hall, Moodymann, Specter & John Heckle to round off the first part of the show.

For the second part of the show. I have music Big Strick, Joey Anderson, Fred P & a stunning tune from Iueke's tape archives. I have another triple play on this show featuring DJ Spider's latest works including his collaborations with Marshallito & Franklin De Costa. There are a couple of tunes from Traumprinz's Mothercave album. G. Marcell is the latest Chicago producer to be featured on Ike Release's Episodes imprint. More music from Loskober, Will & Ink, Metropolis and Farah. Terrence Dixon remixes Detect Audio on Syncrophone & new music from A Sagittariun rounds off the show.

It feels good to be back in full swing this week. More music to come in the next few weeks. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
1. Newbie Nerdz "I am So"[Last Magpie remix](Gruuv)
2. Gesloten Cirkel "Hole"(Berceuse Heroique)
3. Benjamin Brunn "Reeperbahn Boy"(Wake Up! Records)
4. Teeth Of The Sea "Black Strategy"[A Sagittariun 22 Stars Re-Dream](CDR)
5. Dan Beaumont "Trippy Pumper"[October Classic Remix](Classic Music Company PROMO)
Triple Play: Work Them Records
6. Young Male "Lost My E"(Work Them Records)
7. Pittsburgh Track Authority "Haywire"(Work Them Records)
8. Young Male "Depraved Thought In Depraved Times"(Work Them Records)
9. Adjowa "Science & Soul"(Don't Be Afraid)
10. Flying Lotus "Stonecutters"(CDR)
11. patten "RE-EDIT20"(CDR)
12. Sleep D "Rawt"(Butter Sessions)
13 Moodymann "NO"(Mahogani Music)
14. Anaxander "You Saved My Soul"[Innerspace Halflife Remix](dame-music)
15. KMFH feat. Nas 1 "12 Doors"(Wild Oats)
16. Specter "Zodiac"(Sound Signature)
17. John Heckle "Baiyun Mountain"(M>O>S)

2nd Hour
18. Big Strick "Rain Song"(7 Days Ent.)
19. Joey Anderson "Earth Calls"(Deconstruct)
20. Iueke "Tape 4.1"(Antinote PROMO)
21. Fred P "Tube Compression"(The Corner)
Triple Play: DJ Spider
22. DJ Spider "Anticipate the Wolves"(Appian Sounds)
23. DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa "Buzzsaw"(KILLEKILL)
24. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Enemy Of God"(subBASS Sound System)
25. Traumprinz "Believe"(Giegling)
26. Loskober "Random Crash"(Soul Notes)
27. G. Marcell "Construction"(Episodes)
28. Will & Ink "Second Wilson"(Will & Ink)
29. Metropolis "A Machine Of Desire"(Sequencias)
30. Detect Audio "Syncronize"[Terrence Dixon Remix](Syncrophone)
31. Traumprinz "I Found Truth In A Soft Night Of Confusion But I Lost It"(Giegling)
32. Farah "Pieced Apart"(Don't Be Afraid)
33. A Sagittariun "The South Node"(Elastic Dreams PROMO)