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11 Feb 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #195



Kicking off the show for the week of Valentine's Day, I have music from Theo Parrish collaborator Andrew Ashong. New music from the albums of Moodymann & Actress. More big cuts from Kris Wadsworth, Fumiya Tanaka & Isherwood. Head High AKA Shed has a go at Martyn's classic Vancouver on 3024 records. Nice forthcoming material from 000 (Triple 0) & a Vidis remix of FREnchfire. Even Tuell & Midnightopera collaborate for some melodic deep house on Workshop, while Frank Timm (aka Soundstream) does some nice Detroit inspired house under his SSOL guise. Mauser's "All Set" gets a replay on the show along with Mr. G, Lokker & Shed's Evil Fred project. G-Man's remix of The Advent & A. Paul's "A-Theory" rounds off the first part of the show.

The 2nd part of the features two Triple Plays. The first is a trifecta of The Trilogy Tapes imprint featuring tunes from the EPs of Levantis & Rezzett. The other triple play features music from Versatile Records' Acid Arab series featuring some Middle Eastern acid wizardry from Renart, Legowelt & Eitienne Jaumet. Aybee returns with some of his best productions yet on his 22 Meters EP on his Deepblak label. More music from Fred P from his EP on The Corner. Mr. G appears on the show again along with a double helping of Kobosil. I have more brilliance by Iueke from his superb EP on Antinote. New music from Ossa Jams, NHK'Koyxen, Ten Walls along with DJ Rolando remixing Illario Alicante to round off the show... Enjoy your Valentine's day and...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Andrew Ashong "Special"(Which Way)
2. Moodymann "Radio"(Mahogani Music)
3. Actress "Gaze"(Werk Discs)
4. Kris Wadsworth "333a"(Uranus)
5. Fumiya Tanaka "Thank You"(Perlon)
6. Isherwood "Wurlitzer and Celeste"(Sharingtones)
7. Martyn "Vancouver"[Head High Remix](3024)
8. 000 "Borders of Limbo"(AMAM PROMO)
9. Even Tuell & Midnightopera "B2"(Workshop)
10. FREnchfire "Whowillluvu"[Vidis Remix](Biologic PROMO)
11. SSOL "Untitled A1"(SSOL 001)
12. Mauser "All Set"(Plan B Recordings)
13. Mr. G "Mangos In Season"(Pheonix G)
14. Evil Fred "Get On"(H2 Recordings)
15. Lokker "I A"(Lokker)
16. The Advent & A. Paul "A-Theory"[G-Man Aka Gez Varley Remix](Onh.cet)

Part 2
Triple Play: The Trilogy Tapes
17. Rezzett "Yayla"(The Trilogy Tapes)
18. Levantis "Take My Heart"(The Trilogy Tapes)
19. Rezzett "Firebomb"(The Trilogy Tapes)
20. Aybee "A Novel Gesture"(Deepblak)
21. Kobosil "Think & Think"(No Label)
22. Fred P "Storm Clouds"(The Corner)
23. Mr. G "Let Down"[Badly](Pheonix G)
24. Iueke "Tape 4.2"(Antinote PROMO)
25. Kobosil "Emil"(No Label)
26. Ossa Jams "B1"(777 Recordings)
27. NHK'Koyxeи "766"(PAN)
28. Ten Walls "Mongol"(Life And Death)
Triple Play: Various Artists "Acid Arab"(Versatile Records)
29. Renart "Sahra Min Tahab"(Versatile Records)
30. Legowelt "Egyptian Acid Oasis"(Versatile Records)
31. Etienne Jaumet "The Cheikh Arrives"(Versatile Records)
32. Ilario Alicante "M10"[Rolando Remix](PushMaster Discs)