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18 Mar 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #197 (TF's Phonica Records Label Of The Month Mixtape)



This week's show kicks off with music from Francis Harris, Benjamin Brun & a triple play from the Dutch acid wizard Legowelt. I have some new music from new label Material Image by Royer. Be on the lookout for more material from this new label run by Jay Caston. Whim-EE does a brilliant remix of Adrian Rodd on Vibe Me records. New music from Kassem Mosse's massive Workshop 19 LP. This is a must have & a early candidate for Album of the Year. I have two killer tracks by Joey Anderson & DJ Qu from the Alphabet Soup EP on Inimeg records. More superb music from Elgato along with Italian duo Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena. Isherwood does a nice glitch house remix of Benjamin Fehr while Karenn does a thumping remix of Jon Hopkins. Forward Strategy remixes New York producer Hound Scales & Ellis De Havilland rounds off the first part of the show.

For the second part of the show I want to get back into doing more labels & artist mixtapes. So for the first label of the month mixtape of the year I turn my attention to the record store turned label Phonica whose been putting out quality for the past decade. They released a big compilation with a lot of well respected artist involved. So the mixtape features all tracks (mostly new) that are on the compilation. Some tracks worth point out are the spaced out quirky percussions grooves of Roman Flugel, the debut of Redlar (aka Red Rack'em & Medlar) & the nice Andres styled deep house by Russian producer OL. STL even decides to take some time away from his works on Something & Smallville to provide the goods. Legowelt (yet again) appears in the mix along with French producer Moire. I also have some classics by Lord of The Isles & Skudge's remix of Iori to round off the mix. Be sure check out the massive compilation in vinyl or digital Phonica Records. It's a must have...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Francis Harris "You Can Always Leave"(Scissor & Thread)
2. Benjamin Brunn "Alster Mermaid"(Wake Up! Records)
Triple Play: Legowelt
3. Legowelt "Experiential Awakening"(Creme Organization)
4. Legowelt "Blue Tearz"(Riverette)
5. Legowelt "Excalibur R8MK2"(Creme Organization)
6. Royer "Gracie"(Material Image PROMO)
7. Adrian Rodd "Since 1990"[Whim-Ee Remix](Vibe Me)
8. Kassem Mosse "C2"(Workshop)
9. Joey Anderson "She's Afraid"(Inimeg Recordings)
10. Elgato "Links"(Galdoors)
11. Benjamin Fehr "Deformation Professionalle"[Isherwood Remix](Grow Vinyl)
12. Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena "Prisma"(Moreaboutmusic records)
13. DJ Qu "Alphabet Soup"(Inimeg Recordings)
14. Jon Hopkins "Collider"[Karenn Remix](Domino)
15. Hound Scales "Thinner"[Forward Strategy Group Remix](White Asega)
16. Ellis De Havilland "Needs More Boiling"(Bunker Records)

Part 2
TF's Label Of The Month Mixtape: Phonica Records
17. Roman Flugel "Giant Talking Vegetable"(Phonica Records)
18. North Lake "Marlborol Noir"(Phonica Records)
19. Raudive "Health"(Phonica Records)
20. Discodromo "Boi"(Phonica Records)
21. Lo Shea "Home"(Phonica Records)
22. Joe Claussell presents Teenage Music "Them Days Are Gone"(Phonica Records)
23. Redlar aka Medlar & Red Rack'em "Morning Light"(Phonica Records)
24. OL "AMC Edit"(Phonica Records)
25. STL "Freaky Fingers"(Phonica Records)
26. DJ Kaos & Loudtone "Buffalo Dub"(Phonica Records)
27. Lord Of The Isles "Forkx"(Phonica Records)
28. Trevor Jackson "RGBPM 3"(Phonica Records)
29. The Draughtsman "Fade To Green"(Phonica Records)
30. Henrik Schwarz "Synthphonica"(Phonica Records)
31. Legowelt "Lovecraftiannature"(Phonica Records)
32. Moire "Solar Signs"(Phonica Records)
33. Iori "Grit"(Phonica Records)
End Of Mix