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8 Apr 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #198 (TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape A Sagittariun)



This week's show features music from T-Polar, Efdemin, Margot & Simon Haydo. Nina Kraviz does a nice remix of Chicago based Dance Mania legend Parris Mitchell. Donato Dozzy appears on the show along with his Voices From The Lake moniker with Neel. More music from the huge EP by Innerspace Halflife on Hakim Murphy's Machining Dreams imprint. Consider that as a huge teaser before the full album forthcoming later this month on Synapsis Records. New music from Villa Abo on Bio Rhythm along with Fort Romeau sandwiched in between 2 superb tracks from rising talent Jay Daniel on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats label. Nice music from Maurice Fulton along with another cut from the 40% Foda/Maneirissimo imprint in Brasil. Our triple play features music by Chicago producer Amir Alexander from his latest EPs on Plan B Recordings & his Vanguard Sound label. The Trilogy Tapes with another brilliant artist. This time Resident Advisor freelancer writer Angus Finlayson puts his production cap on as Minor Science instead of critiquing music. Must say that it is quite a debut & he certainly knows what he is doing.

The second part of the show features a long overdue artist of the month mix from Bristol producer A Sagittariun. If you have been following this show you know that every time I see a promo from Elastic Dreams in my email its always something special. Since his debut in 2011 his tracks have made several appearances on my Year End Reviews & for good reason. So for this mix I wanted to cover tunes from all of his releases. The fist track is what started it all from his "The Circle Stops Somewhere" EP. The most recent track that made the year end review "Fire Sign" makes it on the mix along with tunes from Debut album Dream Ritual released late November of last year. I also have music from his latest EP The Jupiter Chronicles. His remix of Nyra one of his first artist on his label was quite impressive as well. There are a few track in the mix that were remixed by Dutch Techno legend Terrace, Mike Dehnert & fellow UK producers Aubrey & October. My only regret in this mix is not having enough time to put his Wind Tunnel tune to close out the show. Very impressive catalog.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. T-Polar "Crossroads"(Rebirth)
2. Parris Mitchell "The Track Stars"[Nina Kraviz Remix](Deep Moves)
3. Efdemin "Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes"(Dial)
4. Donato Dozzy & Nuel "Aqua 4"(Aquaplano)
5. Margot "Liuff Settanta"[Fango Rework](Hell Yeah)
6. Voices From The Lake "Respiro"[Live Edit](The Bunker New York)
7. Simon Haydo "The Territories Marked"(Studio Barnhaus)
8. Innerspace Halflife "Macrocosm Engineering"(Machining Dreams)
9. Villa Abo "Ruff Swing"(Bio Rhythm)
10. Jay Daniel "Royal Dilemma"(Wild Oats)
11. Fort Romeau "I Knew"(Live at Robert Johnson)
12. Jay Daniel "Royal Insanity"(Wild Oats)
13. Maurice Fulton "Asteroids Playing Ping Pong"(Y-3)
14. Ilustradora Carme'n' Alve's "Hmmmmmmmm"[Rosa Barbosa Remix](40% Foda/Maneirissimo)
Triple Play: Amir Alexander
15. Amir Alexander "Lands Beyond"(Plan B Recordings)
16. Amir Alexander "Black Snow Wolf"(Vanguard Sound)
17. Amir Alexander "Mysterious Stranger"(Plan B Recordings)
18. Minor Science "Hapless"(The Trilogy Tapes)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: A Sagittariun
19. A Sagittariun "The Circle Stops Somewhere"(Elastic Dreams)
20. A Sagittariun "The Ninth Sign"(Elastic Dreams)
21. A Sagittariun "Fire Sign"(Elastic Dreams)
22. A Sagittariun "Carina"[October's Full Body Mix](Elastic Dreams)
23. A Sagittariun "M54"(Elastic Dreams)
24. A Sagittariun "The Mojo Odyssey"(Elastic Dreams)
25. Nyra "Dres Done"[A Sagittariun Re-Dream](Elastic Dreams)
26. A Sagittariun "A Lucid Dream"[Terrace Remix](Elastic Dreams)
27. A Sagittariun "Funky Archer"(Elastic Dreams)
28. A Sagittariun "The South Node"(Elastic Dreams)
29. A Sagittariun "Funky Archer"[Aubrey Remix](Elastic Dreams)
30. A Sagittariun "V4641 Sgr"(Elastic Dreams)
31. A Sagittariun "Re-Ignition"(Elastic Dreams)
32. A Sagittariun "The Circle Stops Somewhere"[MD2 Mello Mix](Elastic Dreams)
33. A Sagittariun "Somewhere In Montpelier"(Elastic Dreams)
34. A Sagittariun "Wave Upon Wave"(Elastic Dreams)
End Of Mix