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5 May 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #199 (TF's Fifth Wall Records Label Of The Month Mixtape)



This weeks show kick off with an interest interlude by kidkanevil followed by a impressive cover of Donovan's "Get Thy Bearings" by Ninja Tune legend Bonobo. Djrum continues the lush dream vibes with the breathtaking "Ode" on 2nd Drop Records. Efenkei samples vocal from a eurodance singer Amber without the cheezy production. We continue the deep spacy techno from Dilated Pupils, Takuya Matsumoto, Nicuri, Joey Anderson & the now retired Terrence Dixon. Simon Haydo returns again this time with DEM records. I have more music from the superb album of Efdemin, followed by another collaboration by Italian duo Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena. Our triple play of the week feature tunes from Doubt's last 2 EPs on Mistress Recordings. Murr's trippy rerub of Stone Owl rounds off the first part of the show.

The second part of the show is all about me diving into the extensive catalog of NYC Techno label Fifth Wall recordings run by talented producers Divvorce & Hound Scales. They have been quite busy since they have started the label back in April of last year with 13 EPs. This also includes a very solid compilation for the charity "No Person Is an Island". So this gave me a good excuse to support a label that has also supported this show since it's inaugural release. As for the mix I have a collaboration between the founders of label to get things started. Their solo efforts & remixes are impressive as well. Divvorce has some soulful techno (E3) while Hound Scales is all about the drum kick heavy Warehouse techno (Birtha). There are also tunes from Clouds, Ghostek & MATRiXXMAN. I also have music from the EPs of Metrist, Myler & Unklone. The compilation is represented in the mix with the usual suspects from the Fifth Wall camp. Be sure to check out their releases & the No Person Is An Island compilation. You can find it on their bandcamp site. Next week we are approaching 200 shows. Time to dust some older favorites of mine for you to enjoy. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. kidkanevil "Ohayo"(Project Mooncircle)
2. Bonobo "Get Thy Bearings"(Late Night Tales)
3. Djrum "Ode"(2nd Drop)
4. Efenkei "Sexual"(Soul Notes)
5. Dilated Pupils "For Those Who Believe"(Mode of Expression)
6. Takuya Matsumoto "Camouflaged Letter"(Meda Fury)
7. Nicuri "Moments"(Mora Music)
8. Joey Anderson "3200 BC House Dancer"(UntilMyHeartStops)
9. Terrence Dixon "Intermission"(Tresor)
10. Simon Haydo "Track 23"(DEM)
11. Efdemin "Transducer"(Dial)
12. Nicuri "A Lucid Dream"(Mora Music)
13. Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena "Huge N Net"(Moreaboutmusic)
Triple Play: Doubt
14. Doubt "Beauty"(Mistress Recordings)
15. Doubt "Not Before"(Mistress Recordings)
16. Doubt "Vertigo"(Mistress Recordings)
17. Stone Owl "Sweaty Disco Balls"[Murr Farming Dub](Thoughtless PROMO)

Part 2
TF's Label of The Month Mixtape: Fifth Wall Records
18. Divvorce feat. Hound Scales "E2"(Fifth Wall)
19. Ghostek "Lethal Ballet"(Fifth Wall)
20. Clouds "Drone Function"[Divvorce Remix](Fifth Wall Records)
21. MATRiXXMAN "Protocal"(Fifth Wall Records)
22. Physical Therapy "I Did"[J Tijn Remix](Fifth Wall Records)
23. Unklone "Sleep"(Fifth Wall Records)
24. Handsome Head "Qing Shao Nian Nuo Zha"[Hound Scales Hunger Chains Mix](Fifth Wall Records)
25. Divvorce "Anny"[Unklone Remix](Fifth Wall Records)
26. Clouds "Tropical Funk"[Hound Scales Remix](Fifth Wall Records)
27. Metrist "Lofstrom"(Fifth Wall Records)
28. Myler "Machine Elves"(Fifth Wall Records)
29. Hound Scales "Case"[Nabis](Fifth Wall Records)
30. Divvorce "E3"(Fifth Wall Records)
31. MATRiXXMAN "Cased Closed"(Fifth Wall Records)
32. Clouds "Phantom Female"(Fifth Wall Records)
33. MATRiXXMAN "Cased Closed"[Ill Life Remix](Fifth Wall Records)
34. Hound Scales "Birtha"(Fifth Wall Records)
End Of Mix