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21 May 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #200 (TF's Oledustyteckno Mix Vol. 1)



This week's show is all about reflecting on tunes that I dug out of my archives. About seven years ago, I started with a weekly show here that was all about good music from various genres of electronic music. I always tried to keep things fresh & forward thinking. However this time I want to revisit some of the many tunes that I have had in my collection since the time I thought of even DJing.

So to kick off the show I have music from Daz-I-Kue's Bloodfire bootleg project that is an edit of Syl Johnson's "Is It Because I'm Black". I have some tribal tunes from Masters At Work, Boddhi Satva & Joe Clausell's remix of Ustad Sultan Kahn. Calibre has made a huge mark on the Drum & Bass scene but I have a tune that show his Deep House side of his productions. Henrik Schwarz has done a plethora of big remixes & his remix of french singer Camille was one that should have been recognized a lot more. I have music from Wighnomy Brothers, Subliminal Kid, Roland Appel & Karizma's Kaytronic mix of Ben Westbeech. I have collaborations by Jesse Rose & Domu followed by another one between Luomo & Domenico Ferrari. Ame (like Henrik Schwarz) has had a lot of memorable remixes & his remix of Akabu was certianly one of my favorites. Soulphiction & Suzana Rozkosny rounds off the first part of the show with a tune edited under Soulphiction's Jackmate alias.

For the second part of the show, I wanted to kick off a series of old skool techno. So kicking off the initial installment of my oledustyteckno series I have music from Cristian Vogel, Pepe Bradock & Dan Curtain. I added the one of the first recordings from Dutch Techno collective Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia. I have 2 tracks from Terrace's debut album "Round Up". Gez Varley's G-man project is represented in the mix along with a couple of Kevin Saunderson tunes. I have music from Bandulu, Interfearence, Swayzak & Los Hermanos to round off the mix & the show. I promise there will be more Volumes I will add to this series & a lot of these tracks are out of print. Be sure to download this mix when you can. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Bloodfire "Black"(Bloodfire)
2. Masters At Work "Amazon"(MAW Records)
3. Ustad Sultan Khan "Sayaji"[Joe's Sacred Rhythm Mix](Raimo Symphonies)
4. Boddhi Satva "O Dé Ko Do"(Yoruba)
5. Calibre "Don't Watch This"(Signature)
6. Camille "Ta Douleur"[Henrik Schwarz Remix](EMI Music France)
7. Wighnomy Brothers "My Gloomy Head"(Freude Am Tanzen)
8. Subliminal Kid "Chord Song"(Still Music)
9. Ben Westbeech "Hang Around"[Karizma's Kaytronic Dub Mix](Brownswood)
10. Jesse Rose Alongside Domu "Knock Knock"(Front Room)
11. Roland Appel "Dark Soldier"(Sonar Kollektiv)
12. Domenico Ferrari vs. Luomo "Joe's Bodega"[Joe: Meet Delay](Straight Ahead)
13. Akabu "Phuture Bound"[Âme Remix](Z Records)
14. Soulphiction Presents Suzana Rozkosny "Apelle Moi"[Jackmate Edit](Philpot)

Part 2
TF's Oledustyteckno Mix Vol. 1
15. Cristian Vogel "Cancion Sintectica"(Mille Plateaux)
16. Pepe Bradock "4"(Atavisme)
17. Dan Curtain "Population 2"(Peacefrog)
18. Terrace "Pulling The Strings"(Djax-Up-Beats)
19. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Exit 23"[Return](Katharos Foundation)
20. G-Man "Continue"(i220)
21. Interfearence "Xtradition"[Zero dB Remix](Ubiquity)
22. Bandulu "Revelation"(Infonet)
23. Inner City "Ahnonghay"(Music Man/KMS)
24. G-Man "Northern Tribes"(Swim ~)
25. E- Dancer "Warp"(Planet E/KMS)
26. Terrace "Bassi[n]c"[Remix](Djax-Up-Beats)
27. Swayzak "Floyd"(Medicine Label)
28. Los Hermanos "Queztal"(Los Hermanos)
End Of Mix