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15 Jun 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #202 (Next Gen Mix By Denizo)



Hope you are well. So for the new show I have new music from the legendary Calibre putting on his deep house hat for The Nothing Special imprint. Dona gets remixed by Corcos on Points records. More music from the superb EP of Call Super on Houndstooth. I have some new music from Moire's forthcoming album on Actress' Werk Discs label. Be on the lookout for this EP sometime in the fall. Marcellus Pittman remixes Motor City Ensemble on his Raw Cuts remix EP. I had an message from Sud Electronic Co-Founder Lerato about an EP by Caswell James they were releasing. The Juju & Jordash Remix was the track that caused a huge reaction. I have new music from the album of Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife on Synapsis. I'm sure you were made aware of my recognition of Brooklyn based producer Patricia last year with the debut album on Opal Tapes. Well imagine the joy I felt when found out he had a remix he did for Spoiled Drama. The end result. Sick as usual. More new music from the likes of Løt.te, Last Magpie, Chris Mitchell & Andre Kronert. The Trilogy Tapes continues to bring the heat adding Dario Zenker to an already impressive roster. Loric rounds off the first part of the show with a tune from the Fifth Wall (not Ten Walls LOL!) EP compilation Giant Monarch. The triple play for this week is about our latest Next Gen artist Denizo feature music from his Detroit Techno Archive EPs.

As mentioned our latest installment we have Russian producer Denizo at the helm. I first ran across his EPs on Dutch label Shaded over a year & a half ago. I went record shopping & suddenly wanted to do a search of what he's been up to lately & I noticed he along with Alex W have been putting out several releases on Detroit Techno Archive. So I bought all four of the EPs on the imprints & I wanted to see if he and Alex W were up for doing an exclusive mix for the show. They agreed. So for Denizo's mix there are great tracks from Luke Slater's L.B. Dub Corp, Common Dreams, TARAVAL & some of his own productions. He also plays some classics from Soul Capsule (personal favorite of mine) & E-Dancer. New music from Detroit based producer Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson, Mr. G & Aubrey. Be sure to check out his releases with Alex W on Detroit Techno Archive. I rounded off the show with Madteo's spacey remix of Pedro Vian along with Anthony Naples' latest release on The Trilogy Tapes.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Calibre "Trimming"(The Nothing Special)
2. Dona "G" [Corcos Straight To The Point G Tape Mix](Points Records)
3. Call Super "Acephale II"(Houndstooth)
4. Moire "BBOY 202" (Werk Discs)
5. Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw Cuts"[Marcellus Pittman Remix](MCDE)
6. Caswell James "Corazon Angustiado"[Juju & Jordash Remix](Sud Electronic)
7. Innerspace Halflife "Teardrop From Nebula 1121+22"(Synapsis)
8. Spoiled Drama "Black Drama"[Patricia's No Drama Mix](Nous)
9. Løt.te "Pressure Chant"(The Bunker New York)
Triple Play: Denizo (Detroit Techno Archive)
10. Denizo "Sea Symphony"(Detroit Techno Archive)
11. Denizo "Rising Light"(Detroit Techno Archive)
12. Denizo "Meeting Galaxies"(Detroit Techno Archive)
13. Last Magpie "Mirdad"(Electric Minds)
14. Chris Mitchell "Push"(Anunnaki Cartel)
15. Dario Zenker "Morsin"(The Trilogy Tapes)
16. Andre Kronert "Into the Zone"(Stockholm LTD)
17. Loric "Under Sharer"(Fifth Wall)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Denizo (Detroit Techno Archive)
18. Terry Brookes "Breaking Cycles"(Deepart)
19. L.B. Dub Corp "Nearly Africa"(Ostgut Ton)
20. Soul Capsule "Lady Science"[NYC Sunrise mix](Trelik)
21. Common Dreams "Twisted Future"(Common Dreams PROMO)
22. Casey Tucker "Tanita1"(For Those That Knoe)
23. Loud Neighbor "The Fellonship"(w0rkt34m)
24. Denizo "Metropolis Light"(Detroit Techno Archive)
25. TARAVAL "Gar's Highway" (Text Records)
26. E-Dancer "World Of Deep"[Carl Craig Mix](Planet E)
27. Esteban Adame "Home Sick"(Epm Music)
28. Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson "Quetzalcoatl"(Crimes Of The Future)
29. Detroit Swindle "The Break Up"(Heist)
30. Mr. G "Tutonic"(Don't Be Afraid)
31. Aubrey "Floating Point 7"[Russ Gabriel Mix](Ferox Records)
32. Denizo "Wonderful Love 2"(Correspondence)
33. Alex W "Ballerina"(Detroit Techno Archive)
34. Denizo "Versus"(Unreleased)
End Of Mix
35. Pedro Vian "News From Near Future"[Madteo No Hay Nada En El Futuro Remix](Modern Obscure)
36. Anthony Naples "Perro"(The Trilogy Tapes)