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1 Jul 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #203 (Next Gen Mix By Nicuri)



This weeks show features music from Machinedrum, Taylor McFerrin & Marcellus Pittman. I have more music from Innerspace Halflife's Astral Traveling album. NYC producer Fred P is well represented featuring tracks from his split EP on Finale Sessions & his remix of Naoki Shinohara on his Soul People Music imprint. Gunnar Haslem & Tin Man comes together as Romans while father & son duo Big Strick and Generation Next collaborate for a tune off of their album. I have music from Scott Grooves, Pjotr, Martyn & Four Tet followed by Henrik Schwarz's remix of Raul Midon. This week's triple play features music from this show's Next Gen producer Nicuri.

I remember having a long chat with DJ Spider a couple of year ago about artists from the Tri-State are that he feels are the ones to keep an eye on. The first guy he mentioned was Nicuri. Since then I have been keeping an eye on his releases on Bliq, Inimeg & Strength Music. However it was his latest release on Mora Music that made me just wonder why I have not asked him to do a mix for us. He obviously concurred... So for his installment of the Next Gen Series, he kicked off his mix with an unreleased track out of his vaults along with music from Ocean Deep & Arttu. There were some classics in the mix from Ame, Skudge & Culoe De Song... Certainly a mix worth checking out. Big shout out to Nicuri for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this mix & thanks to DJ Spider for putting the word on him. I wanted to also follow up the deep tribal groove with a brilliant remix Nicuri did for Rebecca Brandt followed by a an old classic cut from Rufuss on Qalomota. Hope you like the show I did.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Machinedrum "Aeolia"(Bleep)
2. Taylor McFerrin "Postpartum"(Brainfeeder)
3. Marcellus Pittman "Our Time Is Now"(Downbeat)
4. Innerspace Halflife "Particle Burst"(Synapsis)
5. Fred P. "Circuit"(Finale Sessions)
6. Romans "Alba Lulia"(Global A)
7. Big Strick & Generation Next "Full Of Life"(7 Days Entertainment)
8. Pjotr "June"(Rough House Rosie)
9. Naoki Shinohara "Dimension"[Fred P. Reshape](Soul People Music)
10. Scott Grooves "Riddum"(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
11. Martyn feat. Four Tet "Glassbeadgames"[8 Hours at Fabric Dub](Ninja Tune)
12. Raul Midon "State Of Mind"[Henrik Schwarz Blend](Philomena)
Triple Play: Nicuri
13. Nicuri "Moments"(Mora Music)
14. Nicuri "Navigation 8th Density"(Inimeg Recordings)
15. Nicuri "A Lucid Dream"(Mora Music)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Nicuri (Mora Music/Strength Music/Inimeg)
16. Nicuri "Behind Many Faces"(Unreleased)
17. Ocean Deep "Atmosphere"
18. Ocean Deep "Pluto Groove" (Afro Rebel Music)
19. Matthias Springer "Random Moonwalk"(ZERO413)
20. Arttu "Just This One Time"(Turquoise Blue)
21. 6th Borough Project "B.U.R.T"[The Journey](Delusions Of Grandeur)
22. Riverside Sandman feat Jeremy Ellis "Into Your Story"[Into Your Story Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix](Fast Forward)
23. Reset Robot "False Widow" (Truesoul)
24. Skudge "Silent Running"(Dekmantel)
25. Ame "Ensor"(Innervisions)
26. Blaze "Gloria's Box"
27. Marlon D "UC Anthem"[Charles Webster Remix](Underground Collective)
28. Culoe De Song "African Subway"(Innervisions)
29. P.M. Project feat. Folarin Tallman "Waking Dream"[Folarin Tallman Mix](Deep Calls Recordings)
End Of Mix
30. Rebecca Brandt "Phylum"[Nicuri Remix](Green Villiage)
31. Rufuss "Obsidian Soul: The Ritual"(Qalomota)