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8 Jul 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #204 (Next Gen Mix By Alex W.)



This week's show features music from Floating Points, Nebraska & Royer. I have 2 tracks by Boya from the Mister Saturday Night camp followed by music from Rawaat, DJ Guy, Anomaly & Claro Intelecto. More new music from Stephen Brown, James Ruskin & the mysterious Headless Horseman. Our triple play is dedicated to Russian producer Alex W, this week's latest installment of the Next Gen Exclusive Mix Series.

Two weeks ago you heard a Next Gen mix from Denizo. Now it is his partner in crime Alex W. that takes over. So in the mix he has music from some of his releases on Detroit Techno Archive, Claro Intelecto, Fred P. & Denizo. He also has plenty of music from Redshape to go with Delano Smith, His 1292 & Franco Gonzalez. Big thanks to Alex W for taking the time to do this mix for the show. Be sure to check out his releases with Denizo on their Detroit Techno Archives imprint.

Just when you thought that was enough I added a few more massive cuts from October, Emanuele Pertoldi, Patrice Scott, Innerspace Halflife & a serious knockout by Aardvarck on Skudge Presents.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Floating Points "Montparnasse"(Eglo)
2. Nebraska "Moritzplatz Mode"(Ferox)
3. Royer "Tough Questions"(Tasteful Nudes)
4. Boya "The Idler"(Mister Saturday Night)
5. Rawaat "Day Laborer"(Lobster Theremin)
6. Boya "Valves"(Mister Saturday Night)
7. DJ Guy "20"(All Caps)
8. Anomaly "Tunnel Vision"(Soul People Music)
Triple Play: Alex W
9. Alex W "Ballerina"(Detroit Techno Archive)
10. Alex W "Mascarad"(Detroit Techno Archive)
11. Alex W "Salamander"[Denizo remix](Detroit Techno Archive)
12. Claro Intelecto "Blank CC"(Delsin)
13. Stephen Brown "SD1"(A.r.t.less)
14. James Ruskin "Dependant Stage"(Blueprint)
15. Headless Horseman "Ghost"(Headless Horseman)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Alex W (Detroit Techno Archive)
16. Telephones "Blaff"(Running Back)
17. Birth Of Frequency "Surround Of Silence"[Antigone Remix](Construct Re-Form)
18. Alex W "Ascending Bleeps"(Detroit Techno Archive)
19. Delano Smith "Inspiration"(Sushitech)
20. Denizo "Fire4"(Unreleased)
21. Zander VT "Then And Before"[Redshape Present Mix](Memo)
22. Alex W. "Steganography"(Detroit Techno Archive)
23. Redshape "Steam"(Delsin)
24. Alex W. "Salamander"(Detroit Techno Archive)
25. Fred P. "Reach"(A Harmless Deed)
26. Franco Gonzalez "Encrypted Sound"(Unreleased)
27. Redshape "Disco Marauder"(Delsin)
28. HISS 1292 "Known For Being Awkwardly"(Dement3d Records)
29. Claro Intelecto "Peace Of Mind"(Ai Records)
End Of Mix
30. October "KR-100 Dub"(!K7)
31. Emanuele Pertoldi "Black Jungle"(Subosc)
32. Patrice Scott "Untitled A"(Sistrum)
33. Innerspace Halflife "Magical Rings"(Synapsis)
34. Aardvarck "K.O."(Skudge Presents)