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3 Aug 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #205 (TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Joey Anderson)



Sorry for the delay but I am sure this show is worth the wait. So kicking off the show I have an old classic from Jay Simon doing nice edit of Faith Evans' "You Used To Love Me" on Wild Oats. I have new music from Blackoly, Stimming & XDB. Herbert makes a triumphant return featuring vocals from Rahel on Accidental records. Call Super does a spaced out remix of John Heckle's Love Lies on Tabernacle Records. More amazing music from Walt J, Mandingo , Antenna and a nice collaboration by Max Graef & Mic Newman. Dario & Marco Zenker brings the heat once again from their Illian Tape imprint. Be sure to check out their Label of the Month mix they provided for Resident Advisor this week if you want to hear more from the label. Larent Garnier does a nice remix of Copy Paste Soul, Samo DJ has a go at Bell Towers & Seven Davis Jr does a massive remix of Four Tet's Buchla. Marco Shuttle remixes Mos Howieson with Developer & Roebin de Frietas round off the first part of the show.

For the 2nd part of the show I have a new Artist of The Month Mixtape for you. This time it is all about New Jersey producer & Next Gen Alumnus Joey Anderson. You can't say that I did not warn you about him almost 2 years ago when he provided a mix for the show. Since then Joey has been putting out tons of quality music even after he was featured on Levon Vincent legendary Fabric mix. He has also released his critically acclaimed debut album on Dekmantel recordings a couple of months ago. So for the mix I included music from his superb album along with the 2 tunes that were on Levon Vincent's Fabric mix which ended up on Deconstuct. I wanted to also include tracks from his own Inimeg imprint. Joey remixes of Kuru & Marco Shuttle made the mix along with some tracks from his classic EPs on Latency & Syncrophone. I felt that the mix went by too fast to tell you the truth. He has so much out there that I wanted to add to the mix but I think you will have a good idea of impressive he has been the past 2 years. Once again please be sure to check out his After Forever album on Dekmantel Recordings.

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Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Jay Simon "Faith"(Wild Oats)
2. Blackoly "Dirty Channel"(Yygrec)
3. Herbert feat. Rahel "One Two Three"(Accidental)
4. Stimming "Southern Sun" [Dub] (Pampa)
5. John Heckle "Love Lies"[Call Super's Cyan Stain Remix](Tabernacle)
6. XDB "Burgand"(Echochord)
7. Walt J "Horns Of Plenty"(Unlearn)
8. Max Graef & Mic Newman "Relaxin' At The Flip"(Love Fever)
9. Antenna "Rain And Thunder"(Pinkman)
10. Mandingo "Another Dub On Earth"(Black Catalogue)
11. Zenker Brothers "Heeman"(Illian Tape)
12. Copy Paste Soul "The Fall"[Laurent Garnier Remix](2 Swords PROMO)
13. Bell Towers "Territory"[Samo DJ Disko Mix](Public Possession)
14. Four Tet "Buchla"[Seven Davis Jr Remix](Text)
15. Mos Howieson "Kemuri"[Marco Shuttle Resonance Remix](Eyes Of My Eyes)
16. Developer "Horns From The West"(Developer Archive)
17. Roebin de Freitas "Shimmer"(Semantica)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Joey Anderson
18. Joey Anderson "One World"(UntilMyHeartStops)
19. Joey Anderson "3200 BC House Dancer"(UntilMyHeartStops)
20. Joey Anderson "Musical Tentacles"(Inimeg Recordings)
21. Joey Anderson "Mindset"(Latency)
22. Joey Anderson "Earth Calls"(Deconstruct)
23. Kuru "Black Moon Lilith"[Joey Anderson Remix](Sublevel Sounds)
24. Joey Anderson "Attitude"(Latency)
25. Joey Anderson "Axum"(Underground Quality)
26. Joey Anderson "Amp Me Up"(Dekmantel)
27. Joey Anderson "Linguistic Command"(Inimeg Recordings)
28. Joey Anderson "Sorcery"(Dekmantel)
29. Joey Anderson 'Hydrine"(Deconstruct)
30. Marco Shuttle "Vox Attitude"[Joey Anderson's Baby Touch Me Remix](Eerie)
31. Joey Anderson "Heaven's Archer"(Dekmantel)
32. Joey Anderson "Ass Kicked"(Syncrophone)
End Of Mix