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3 Sep 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #208 (TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Innerspace Halflife)



This week's showkicks off with music from Traumprinz, Knowsum & Vakula. I have more music from Moire's debut album on Actress' Werk Disc label. New music from Patricia, Novacom & 2030. More great music from the Opal Tapes camp by Worker/Parasite. Appetizer hits hard with some acid wizardy on L.I.E.S. More amazing music from Basin, MGUN & Keith Worthy. I have some new music from recent Next Gen alums Nicuri & Alex Falk. Traumprinz shows up again along with Keith Worthy & Randomer rounding off the part 1 of the show.

The second part of the show features all music from Chicago production duo Innerspace Halflife. If you have followed the show a few years ago, you may have heard a very interesting show that featured me & Hakim Murphy working the decks a week before the Year End Review in 2011. In Hakim's live mix for the show he featured 2 tracks from a project he started with fellow producer Ike Release. The duo initially named this project Analog Methods until they suddenly changed it to what we know now as Innerspace Halflife. Since then they have never looked back. So In lieu of them release their latest album Astral Traveling, I wanted to feature some of my favorite productions of this talented duo. The mix features various cuts from their debut EP to their aforementioned album. This mix also includes an unreleased track that I initially thought was released. Big ups to Hakim & Ike for bringing the heat since 2012.

One last note I am still doing the monthly reports. Check out the latest one for August just posted here.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Traumprinz "Let It Go"(Giegling)
2. Knowsum "Illoonymationen"(Box Aus Holz)
3. Vakula "Lullaby"(Bandura)
4. Moire "Stars"(Werk Discs)
5. Patricia "Drip Dawn"(Spectral Sound)
6. Novacom "Tranche"(Hesperian Sound Division)
7. 2030 "Darma"(CLFT)
8. Worker/Parasite "Bag of Beans"(Opal Tapes)
9. Appetizer "Zky"(L.I.E.S.)
10. Basin "Welcome To The Firm"(slumdiscs)
11. Nicuri "Behind Many Faces"(Sound Theories)
12. MGUN "Wide Eyed"(Fit Sound)
13. Alex Falk "Mitsuda"(Proibito)
14. Traumprinz "I Gave My Life"(Giegling)
15. Keith Worthy "Untitled"(Aesthetic Audio)
16. The Stitch Up "The Stitch-Up"(The Stitch Up)
17. Randomer "Stupid Things I Do"[New School Mix](Clone Basement Series)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Innerspace Halflife
18. Innerspace Halflife "Body Flicker"(Finale Sessions)
19. Innerspace Halflife "Electric Gaze"(Skudge White)
20. Innerspace Halflife "Fodder"(Machining Dreams)
21. Innerspace Halflife "Jaxcks"(Syncrophone Recordings)
22. Innerspace Halflife "Teardrop From Nebula 1121+22"(Synapsis)
23. Innerspace Halflife "Longing Isotopes"(Syncrophone Recordings)
24. Innerspace Halflife "Particle Burst"(Synapsis)
25. Innerspace Halflife "Orbital Contact"(Syncrophone Recordings)
26. Innerspace Halflife "Escape System"(Synapsis)
27. Innerspace Halflife "Plastique Acid"(Skudge White)
28. Innerspace Halflife "Polar North"(Machining Dreams)
29. Innerspace Halflife "Exosuit"(Skudge White)
30. Innerspace Halflife "Metropolitan"(Episodes)
31. Innerspace Halflife "Ghosteppin"(Syncrophone Recordings)
32. Innerspace Halflife "Stammer"[Suspended Gravity Mix](Unreleased)
33. Innerspace Halflife "Escape System"(Synapsis)
End Of Mix