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14 Oct 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #210 (Next Gen Mix By Worker/Parasite)



This week's show starts with some music from French duo Mura Oka along with Austin Cesear, Worker/Parasite & Jamal Moss' Africans With Mainframes project. I have music from some forthcoming music from Hackman remixed by Rampa followed by a XDB remix of South African producers Butiza. I have music from Belgian producers Locked Groove & Peter Van Hoesen. Tin Man returns again this week with another tune from his ODE LP. Bristol producer October returns with new music on Skudge records. New music from the Don Williams' a.r.t.less label featuring music from JP Enfant & his massive remix of Detroit duo Reel by Real. Speaking of Detroit there's more music from the Motor City by Rolando & Sean Tate (remixed by Rick Wilhite). Eduardo De La Calle rounds off the first part of the show with music from his EP on Endless Records.

The second part of the features another installment of the Next Gen mix series by Worker/Parasite. I have been following the West coast producer since last year when his Dungeon Tools EP was released. When he came out with yet another impressive release on one of my favorite labels Opal Tapes, I had to ask him for an exclusive mix of his acid wizardry. He agreed. So for the mix he's provided some productions from his vaults along with music from Sangue De Cristo, Negrontropy, Voiron & the latest L.I.E.S. signing Tzusing. He also has music from U.S. Hard, R-Zone & Black Tide Remixed by Brendon Moeller. Certainly a massive mix that must be heard. Be Sure to pick up his EP on Opal Tapes if you can get your hands on a copy.

On another note If you want to check out more music be sure to checkout my blogsite & a new guest mix I did for another colleague of mine. Go here & there.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Mura Oka "Track 1"(Latency)
2. Austin Cesear "Samareda"(Public Information)
3. Worker/Parasite "Bone Seed"(Opal Tapes)
4. Africans With Mainframes "Nubian Rainbows"[Instrumental](Bio Rhythms)
5. C4NT1NFL4 "Cumbia Magoman"(Holiday Addicts)
6. Hackman "The Blue"[Rampa Remix](2020 Vision PROMO)
7. Butiza "Baphuma Ezulwini"[XDB remix](Hlanganani PROMO)
8. Locked Groove "Thesseus"(Permanent Vacation)
9. DJ October "Jaffa"(Skudge Records)
10. JP Enfant "Artefacts"(a.r.t.less)
11. Tin Man "Vertigo"(Acid Test/Absurd)
12. Yuuki Sakai "Assida"(Black Sun Records)
13. Rolando "Tunnel Vision"(R3)
14. Sean Tate "A Matter Of Honor"[Rick Wilhite Remix](Rush Hour)
15. Reel By Real "Karma"[Don Williams Night Transmission Remix](a.r.t.less)
16. Peter Van Hoesen "Call & Response"(Time To Express)
17. Eduardo De La Calle "Downwards to Vasudeva"(Endless)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Worker/Parasite (Opal Tapes)
18. Sangue De Cristo "Cova Do Vapor"(One Eyed Jacks)
19. Negontropy "Consumation"(D55)
20. Scientific Dreamz of U "Spatial Phase Inversion"(Bokhari Records)
21. Voiron "RN12 91"[Pal+ Remix](One Eyed Jacks)
22. Violet "Night Song"(Snuff Trax)
23. Pal+ "The Forest"[Sabre Remix](One Eyed Jacks)
24. Scientific Dreamz of U "Journey In2 the Light"[Self-healing & Re-birth](Tabernacle Records)
25. Jackie House & Dr. Sleep "Predatory Landscape"
26. R-Zone "Visions of a DeepWeb"(R-Zone)
27. Magic Touch ft. Roche "Strongbow & Spliffs"
28. Photonz "At Dinner Time"(Folding Spaces)
29. Punkown "Shut Up"(Folding Spaces)
30. Worker/parasite "Bowl of Watery Death"(Opal Tapes)
31. Tzusing "1976"(LIES)
32. Trini & All Notes Off "002"
33. Christopher Joseph "Mariana"(Flexxseal)
34. Black Tide "Diver's Ascent"[Brendon Moeller Descent 1](Folding Spaces)
35. Dr. Sleep "Touche"(Get Up Recordings)
36. Christopher Joseph "Kick Up Some Sand"(Flexxseal)
37. U.S. Hard "Club Diagram"(Blankstairs)
38. WMX "Thunker"
39. Worker/parasite "JUSTA909"(Jacktone Records)
40. HNTSNGR "Counterattack"(Don't Trust Humans)
41. Worker/parasite "Squirm"[FUNERALS Remix](Jacktone Records)
End Of Mix