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24 Nov 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #211 (Guest Mix By Themba 'Pash' Miller)



This week's show could be the last show before the Year End Review. So the show features a DJ Koze remix of DAMH along with new music from Hyperdub's latest compilation by Burial & King Britt under his Fhloston Paradigm alias. Tessela does a killer remix of Pev's Aztec Chant. More impressive music from DJ Qu followed by music from Davor, Headless Ghost, Tin Man & a Marcel Dettman remix of Untold. I have music from Culoe De Song's latest EP on Innervisions. Don Williams does a nice remix of a tune from Efdemin's Decay LP, Joey Anderson does some new music on Julian Smith's (AKA October) on his TANSTAAFL PLANETS imprint & Dutch duo Will & Ink remixes Lando to round off the 1st part of the show.

The second part of the show features a guest mix from Joburg DJ Themba Pash Miller. His mix has a more Detroit Beatdown vibe featuring tunes from Jack Zwarts, Foating Points, DJ Koze & Luka. Rounding off the show after the mix, I have new music from K15, Whim-EE & a tune from Hashman Deejay's debut album Sandopolis. This could be the last show before focusing on the top 100 tunes of 2014 during the month of December. In the meantime...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. DAMH "Black Night"[DJ Koze Remix](Kompakt)
2. Burial "Lambeth"(Hyperdub)
3. Oyaarss "Future Smile Soon"(Sonore Foundation)
4. Peverelist "Aztec Chant"[Tessela Remix](Livity Sound)
5. Fhloston Paradigm "The Phoenix"(Hyperdub)
6. DJ Qu "Untitled"[Hi-Life](Strength Music)
7. Davor "Ride With Me"(Uncharted Audio)
8. Culoe De Song "Y.O.U.D."(Innervisions)
9. Headless Ghost "Swept Illusions"(Royal Oak)
10. Culoe De Song "Gyser"(Innervisions)
11. Tin Man "Depleted Serotonin"(Acid Test)
12. Untold "That Horn Track"[Dettmann Remix](Bleep)
13. Efdemin "Track 93"[Don Williams Remix](Dial)
14. Joey Anderson "Head Down Arms Buddha Position"(TANSTAAFL PLANETS)
15. Lando "Purple Home"[Will & Ink Remix](Myth Music)

Part 2
Guest Mix by Themba "Pash" Miller (Johannesburg, South Africa)
16. Jack Zwarts-Concrete Jungle (Original Mix) [DEEP SENSE RECORDS]
17. MUUI - Don't Forget To Go Home (MUUI Sunset Mix) [OUTSIDE THE BOX MUSIC]
18. The McGurk Effect - Sporadic (original mix) [AUDIO PARALLAX]
19. Floating Points- Myrtle Avenue (Original mix) [EGLO RECORDS]
20. DJ Koze - Blume Der Nacht [PAMPA Records]
21. Pat Ondebaak-mountain (original mix) [INFUSE]
22. The Bump Brothers-This Time (Sona's Seedy Club Mix) [3345 Music]
23. Luka-Go Deeper (Ofurens Smoke Filled Room Treatment) [WE GO DEEP]
End Of Mix
24. K15 "Yellow"(Wild Oats)
25. Whim-EE "Sub"(Abstract Culture)
26. Hashman Deejay "Sandfish"(Future Times)