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5 Dec 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #212 Year End Review 2014 (Vol. 1 of 5)



After sifting through over 3000 tracks, I have 100 tunes I think stood out for me in 2014. In case this is your first time hearing the Year End Review, here are the rules. If the track was released from December 1st of 2013 to November 30th of this year, then it would qualify. This list is strictly Anti-EDM. No way no how this will have a place on my show. The purpose of this series is for the listeners that ask for my opinion to have a good idea what's out there. This is the way for you to support the artists on this list.

So with that being said, the Top 100 kicks off with Last Magpie's Burialesque remix of Newbie Nerdz on Gruuv Recordings. Speaking of Burial, it is a huge privilege when a tune by this reclusive artist gets an official release. He certainly delivers. Austin Cesear, Anthony Naples, Joey Anderson & Amir Alexander makes the cut. Lobster Theremin has been one of my favorite new labels in 2014. Their latest release from their camp by sonofdistantearth makes the list with Untidy & Developer rounding off the top 100.

The top 90 features tunes by Seven Davis Jr., Leon Vynehall, Lando & Anno Stamm. Tin Man's tune from his brilliant ODE LP makes the cut followed by another great tune from a equally impressive album by French duo Mura Oka. Joey Anderson already makes another appearance on the list with his remix of Fluxion followed by music from Somewhen, Nicuri & MFO to round off the first installment of the 2014 Year End Review.

On another note in case you have not heard I still do the monthly reports which will feature the top 10 albums of the year. The November monthly report is available here. Also I did an exclusive mix for Lars Behrenroth on his Deeper Shades of House site. You can go his site to hear it. Next week we will continue the series as we go into the top 80. Until then,

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
100. Drew Hill "I Am So"[Last Magpie Remix](Gruuv) 12.20.13 cd1
99. Burial "Lambeth"(Hyperdub)
98. Austin Cesear "1 Year"(Proibito)
97. Royer "Tough Questions"(Tasteful Nudes)
96. Anthony Naples "Perro"(The Trilogy Tapes)
95. Joey Anderson "She Is Afraid"(Inimeg Recordings)
94. Amir Alexander "Mysterious Stranger"(Plan B Recordings)
93. sonofdistantearth "GAZA2"(Lobster Theremin)
92. Untidy "A1"(Untidy)
91. Developer "In Pure Form 18"(Modularz)

Part 2
90. Seven Davis Jr. Feat. Mezmawho "P.A.R.T.Y."(Apron)
89. Leon Vynehall "Pier Children"(3024)
88. Lando "Love-Play"(Ultramajic)
87. Anno Stamm "Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet"(Macro)
86. Tin Man "Depleted Serotonin"(Absurd/Acid Test)
85. Mura Oka "Zr Dnt"(Latency)
84. Fluxion "You Don't Know"[Joey Anderson Remix](Echochord)
83. Somewhen "Altar"(Sana)
82. Nicuri "Navigation 8th Density" (Inimeg Recordings)
81. MFO "Oman Jazz"(Dekmantel)