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10 Dec 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #213 Year End Review 2014 (Vol. 2 of 5)



For the 2nd installment of the Year End Review we have Andy Stott kicking off the top 80 with music from his critically acclaimed Faith in Stangers LP on Modern Love. Caribou makes the cut along with music from Roger 23, Culoe De Song, Pablo & a killer remix of Spoiled Drama by Opal Tapes producer Patricia. Call Super has made some serious waves with his magical album on Houndstooth. His remix of John Heckle shows that he is also an impressive remixer. Shiniche Atobe's return to game is a welcome surprise this year with his Butterfly Effect LP. One of the highlights of that album makes the list. The top 80 is wrapped up with music from Ripperton's Headless Ghost guise & Karenn's banging techno rerub of Jon Hopkins' Collider tune.

The top 70 kicks off with music from 2030, De Sluwe Vos & Chicago producer Brian Harden. Red Rack'em is no stranger to the year end review & this year is no exception. Roman Flugel makes the list along with Simoncino, Untidy & Brazilian producer Manara. Patrik Skoog rounds off the 2nd installment along with Will & Ink's remix of Lando. Next week we go into the top 60. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
80. Andy Stott "Faith in Strangers" (Modern Love)
79. Caribou "Your Love Will Set You Free"(City Slang)
78. Roger 23 "State Of Forms"(baud)
77. Spoiled Drama "Black Drama"[Patricia's No Drama Mix](Nous)
76. Culoe De Song "Y.O.U.D."(Innervisions)
75. Pablo "Je Suis"(Lackrec)
74. John Heckle "Love Lies"[Call Super's Cyan Stain Remix](Tabernacle)
73. Shinichi Atobe "Butterfly Effect"(Demdike Stare)
72. Headless Ghost "Swept Illusions"(Royal Oak)
71. Jon Hopkins "Collider"[Karenn Remix](Domino)

Part 2
70. 2030 "Midnight In Lagos"(CLFT)
69. De Sluwe Vos "Broken Snare"(4lux)
68. Brian Harden "Tour De Chi"(Sistrum)
67. Red Rack'em "Brazilian Nuts"(City Fly Records)
66. Roman Flugel "The Odd Lobster"(Ostgut Ton)
65. Untidy "B2"(Untidy)
64. Simoncino "Spirit Of Transmat"(L.I.E.S.)
63. Manara "Man, Mytho"(Domina)
62. Patrik Skoog "Judgement"(Sample+Hold)
61. Lando "Purple Home"[Will & Ink Remix](Myth Music)