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16 Dec 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #214 Year End Review 2014 (Vol. 3 of 5)



For the 3rd installment of the Year End Review of 2014, we have the Madteo's cerebral remix of Pedro Vian kicking off the top 60. Tambien makes the cut along with Brazilian-French producer Whim-EE, Antenna & Doubt. Joseph Seaton has made a lot of noise with his productions as Call Super this year. However his productions under his Ondo Fudd guise was just as impressive. Music from the brilliant LPs from Gesloten Cirkel & Kassem Mosse makes the list. DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa makes the cut while Moire rounds off the top 60 with his tune from the Phonica compilation.

For the top 50 I have music from Davor, Aybee and a collaboration by Egokind & Ozean. The debut of Gauss makes the cut along with music from SVN, Sandman & a killer Legowelt remix of Illum Sphere. Criminally underrated producer DJ Bone makes the cut while DJ Qu & Karenn rounds off the Top 50.

We go into the top 40 next week. Be on the lookout for the albums of the year very soon... Until then...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
60. Pedro Vian "News From Near Future"[Madteo No Hay Nada En El Futuro Remix] (Modern Obscure Music)
59. Tambien "UGLI Elevator"(Public Possession)
58. Ondo Fudd "Coup D'Etat"(The Trilogy Tapes)
57. Whim-EE "Sub"(Abstract Culture)
56. Antenna "Rain And Thunder"(Pinkman)
55. Kassem Mosse "Untitled B3" (Workshop)
54. Gesloten Cirkel "Feat. Liette"(Murder Capital)
53. Doubt "Beauty"(Mistress Recordings)
52. DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa "Slithis"(KILLEKILL)
51. Moire "Solar Signs"(Phonica)

Part 2
50. Davor "Ride With Me"(Uncharted Audio)
49. Aybee "A Novel Gesture"(Deepblak)
48. Gauss "Braunschweig"(Gauss LTD)
47. Egokind & Ozean "Mega"(Traum)
46. SVN feat. Paleo "On Tempo" (Wania)
45. Sandman "Sandcircle" (Take The Elevator)
44. Illum Sphere feat. Shadowbox "Embryonic"[Legowelt Remix](Ninja Tune)
43. DJ Bone "Cultural Variance"(DJ Bone White)
42. DJ Qu "Raw 7"(Strength Music)
41. Karenn "Summer"(Works The Long Nights)