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29 Dec 14

Thelonious Funk Sessions #216 Year End Review 2014 (Vol. 5 of 5)



For the fifth & final installment, we have the top 20 tunes of the year. Kincking off the top 20, I have music from Djrum, Peder Mannerfelt, October and Italian duo Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena. The top 15 has a Tri-State feel featuring music from Nicuri, Hound Scales, Joey Anderson
& the L.I.E.S. staple
from Appetizer. Marieu's solo track rounds off the top 20 with a Bill Withers meets acid vibe.

For the top 10, French producer Iueke makes the Year End Review for the 2nd time in 3 years. October appears for the 2nd time in this show alone. Terrence Dixon appears in the top 10 under his Population One guise followed by Swedish producer Simon Haydo and New York duo DJ Spider & Marshallito. Gesloten Cirkel has been on a tear this year with his Submit X LP (Album Of The Year perhaps?). His Vader track is one of the highlights of the LP & in the top 5. Marco Shuttle makes the list with a big tune on Peter Van Hoesen's Time To Express label. Another producer that has had an amazing year with his debut album was Call Super. However it was his EP before his album that had more of a damaging for me with his Depicta EP which makes the top 3. Jimmy Asquith's Lobster Theremin has had a very busy year with so many releases. Daze's "Drag Ball" tune was not just one of the highlights of the label but certainly an highlight for the year in my opinion. Finally my tune of the year is by Traumprinz, who initially debuted on the Year End Review under his Prince Of Denmark alias. His debut album was my pick of 2013. To be honest there was nothing groundbreaking about "All These Things" however sometimes producers forget to sometimes just keep it simple. Traumprinz channels a bit of Larry Heard inspired grooves with bluesy vocal samples ala, dare I say it, Moby (eww). Every time it has been played on my show or on my guest mixes many people have mentioned this track & I can't argue about that. Big ups to him for making this track one of my highlights of 2014.

Lastly I have posted the albums of the Year for my Monthly Show. You will be able to find it here. Well that's all for 2014. Time to regroup & focus on 2015. Until then, enjoy the music & your New Year...


Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
20. Djrum "Ode"(2nd Drop)
19. Peder Mannerfelt "White Noise/Pink Ladies"(Stockholm LTD)
18. October "Gates 2 Yesterday"(Skudge)
17. Yør "Rites Of Passage II"(Obsession Recordings)
16. Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena "Prisma"(Moreaboutmusic)
15. Nicuri "Moments"(Mora Music)
14. Hound Scales "Odile"(White Asega)
13. Joey Anderson "Head Down Arms Buddha Position"(TANSTAAFL PLANETS)
12. Appetizer "Zky"(L.I.E.S.)
11. Marieu "Manipulation"(Hypercolour)

Part 2
10. Iueke "Tape 4.1"(Antinote)
9. DJ October "Jaffa"(Skudge Records)
8. Population One "Musical Promises"(Metroplex)
7. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Enemy Of God"(KILLEKILL)
6. Simon Haydo "Track 19"(DEM)
5. Gesloten Cirkel "Vader"(Murder Capital)
4. Marco Shuttle "Sing Like A Bird"(Time To Express)
3. Call Super "Depicta"(Houndstooth)
2. Daze "Drag Ball"(Lobster Theremin)
Tune Of The Year
1. Traumprinz "All The Things"(Giegling)