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3 Aug 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #71 + Steve Mizek (LWE) guest mix


"Greetings, this week's show includes a guest mix from the editor & chief of Little White Earbuds Steve Mizek"

"His website is all about good music reviews, interviews and monthly podcasts. He's had well respected artists provide mixes for him. (Timo's note: one of my favorite podcast shows, never dissappoints!)

This time I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine in him providing a mix specially for you. I can't thank you enough Steve for putting this mix together for us. Please check out his site (

As for the the music itself - pure quality!!!! I think this is one of those shows that I must have lost my mind with the music that was on this show from start to finish. So please excuse my various obscene comments. I was just enjoying myself lol!!!

Next week Sean Alvarez invades the show with a mix of his own. Until then enjoy the music."

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
01. Thomas Brinkmann "Isch"[Soulphiction Remisch](Curle)
02. Karizma "Beat Dis"(R2)
03. Grunbox "Tombak"(Trapez)
04. Sistema "John Clanders"(Overflow)
05. DJ T. "Bateria"[dOP Remix](Get Physical)
06. Samuel L. Sessions "Big Bad Drum"(Be As One)
07. Brighter Days "Cotton Fields"[Jeff Sharel Minimal Edit](CDR)
08. Sven Weisemann "Trax"(Art l.e.s.s.)
09. Wesen and Khaan "Journey To Afrika"(Tanzbar Muzik)
10. D-Unity "Bakongo"(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
11. Unknown Artist "Enrolada"(G001T)
12. Foog "4040"[Mix2](File)
13. Rufuss "Obsidian Deep"[Ritual Mix](Qalomota)
14. DJ Ino "Triple X"(Objektivity)

Part 2
Guest Mix: Steve Mizek's Prelude To The West Coast Mix
15. Schatrax, "Champagne Dancer" [Schatrax]
16. Portable, "The Shallow" [Monika Kruse]
17. Robert Hood, "Fragile Moments" [Peacefrog]
18. Jitterbug, "Dream Memory" [Uzuri]
19. Anton Zap, "Monday 16_46" [Uzuri]
20. DJ Sprinkles, "Midtown 120 Blues" [Mule Musiq]
21. Jimpster, "Just the Kind of Girl" [Freerange Records]
22. Plej, "Blue" (Akufen's Different Shades of Blue Mix) [Exceptional]
23. Black Jazz Consortium, "All My Own" [Next Dimension Music]
24. Osborne, "Ruling" [Spectral Sound]
25. Azuni, "Use Me" [Shtmlaudio Recordings]
26. Tensnake, "In the End (I Want You to Cry)" [Running Back]
27. Santiago Salazar "Arcade"[Stefan Goldmann Remix](Macro)