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16 Aug 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #72 + Sean Alvarez (Swank Society) guest mix


"Sean Alvarez (of Swank Society, Chicago) is the raiding this week's show"

"Sean premiered a mix I did on his show. It lead to me getting recognized by the rest of the Swank Society Crew. Well the rest is history.

Please check out his show "Past Present & Future " on 12p-2p CST (Chicago Time).

This week's show also features new tunes from Peter Kruder, Ben Klock & Jin Choi.

I think the music should do most of the talking so enjoy the music!"

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Peter Kruder "Law Of Return"(Macro)
2. Reggie Dokes "Walk In Deepness"(We Play House)
3. Ben Klock feat. Elif Bicer "OK"[Kenny Larkin Remix](Osgut Ton)
4. Jin Choi "Carnivores"(Lessizmore)
5. Jay Tripwire presents 8Channels "I Of The Pyramid" (Polker Flat)
6. Andreas Saag "Jazz Lapse" (Room With A View)
7. Atjazz, Domu & Yannah Valdevit "City Madness"[A&D's 4 The Summer Mix] (Development Music)
8. Precious System "The Voice From Planet Love"[Dixon's Chic-A-Go Edit]
(Running Back)
9. Two Armadillos "Sazz Falutin"(Tsuba)
10. Unknown Artist "Morrison Barbecue" (We Can Do It)
11. Show-B "Moory"(Compost Black Label)
12. Catz 'N' Dogz feat. Pol_On "Me" (Get Physical)
13. Pol_On "Omorp" (Connaisseur)
14. Lee Curtis "South Aphrika" (Wolf & Lamb)

Part 2
Sean Alvarez In the Mix (Swank Society Chicago)

15. Herb Alpert "Beyond" (A&M)
16. Franck Roger "Jaware" (Real Tone)
17. Karizma "Beat This" (R2)
18. Nick Holder "Love & Sadness" (DNH)
19. Kenny Larkin "You Are Light" (Planet E)
20. Culoe De Song "The Bright Forest" (Innervisions)
21. Raw Artistic Soul "Domingo's Ride" (Raw Artistic)
22. AM Roots Feat Fred Mthembu "He Africa" (Nulu)
23. Yassoul "Back to Fundamentals" [Abicah Soul Dub] (SSOH)
24. Sean Alvarez "The Balance" (CDR)
25. Fabio Genito "Burning Man" [Black City Mood Rocks] (Gotsoul)
26. DJ Aakmel "Singaye" (Unified)
27. Fast Vision Soul "Babatunde" (Gogo)
28. Headhunter "Muzik" [Terry Hunter Main Mix](T's Box)
29. Vick Lavender "The Voyager" [Anthony Nicholson Master Mix] (Sophisticado)
30. Hipnotic "Naima" [Ian O'Brien Mix] (Laws of Motion)