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13 Sep 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #74



No guest DJ for the week, but don't forget I always have some goodies for you ears. After this show you will want me do the entire show by myself!

Theo Parrish appears on the show three times, Deetron & Nick Holder appears twice. The triple play for the week focuses on DJ Hell's Gigolo label. New music from Bangana featuring the vocals of Asha Edmund.

Rainer Truby makes a triumphant return using Stevie Wonder's vocals. A tune you might need to rewind is Sante's "Dambalaa". Think Nina Simone's Apocalyptic gospel vocals with afrotech deepness and you are halfway there!

Yousef does a nice "Tribute" to Mr. Love Supreme while the Analog Crew does a nice cover of the St. Germain classic. So what are you waiting for?!!!

Enjoy The Music,

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
01. Theo Parrish "Going Through Changes"(Sound Signature)
02. LCD Soundsystem "45:33" [Theo Parrish's Space Cadet Remix](DFA)
03. Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw Cuts # 5"(Faces)
04. Rainer Truby "To Know You" (CDR)
05. Osunlade feat. Maiya James "Same Thing"[Atjazz Remix](Papa PROMO)
06. GummiHz "East Of Savanna"(Earthrumental)
07. Sante "Dambalaa"(Souvenir)
08. Italoboyz "L'Anagramme"(Mothership)
Triple Play: Gigolo Records
09. DJ Hell feat. P Diddy "The DJ"[Deetron Remix](Gigolo)
10. Ivano Coppola "Hot" [Christian Prommer Jam Mix](Gigolo)
11. Makossa & Megablast "Marrakesh"[Parts 1&2](Gigolo)
12. Radio Slave "Koma Koma" [Karizma's Kaytronik Remix](Rekids)

Part 2
13. John Roberts "Maroon"(Dial)
14. Bangana feat. Asha Edmund "Oblivion"(Farplane)
15. Einmusik "Jabloko"(Bouq)
16. Nick Holder "Colorblind"(DNH)
17. 3 Chairs "Track2Track"(3 Chairs)
18. Nick Holder "Black Jazz # 7"(DNH)
19. Yousef "Tribute"(Plastic City)
20. Nelson Jimenez "Pa Casa De"[Franck's Earthrumental Version](FRP)
21. Analog People In A Digital World "Rose Rouge"(Hysterical)
22. Andre Lodemann "Vehemence Of Silence" (Room With A View)
23. Rodriguez Jr. "Kid Of Hula"(Leena)
24. Honesty "Bleep Me"[Jimpster's Perspective](Room With A View)
25. Sistema "Lenceria Barata"[Dosem Remix](Pong Musiq)
26. Deetron "Orange"(Music Man)