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23 Oct 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #79



This week's show kicks off with some nice afro-abstract beats by Daisuke Tanabe. Compost has three tunes on the show by Zwicker, Abyss & Show-B. This week's triple play are all inspired by the Michael Jackson.

Alf Tumble has been on fire lately with his solo production and his Bangana guise with his partner Combo. The two tunes are on point for sure. The second features a nice Dixon rerub (download for free on

Culoe De Song returns this time on japanese label Mule Musiq. Stimming puts in more work after finishing his Reflections LP.

Scott Groove's Journey would have been in my year end review if I had a show back in '05. Motor City Drum Ensemble provides yet another take on Andre Lodemann's tune.

Enjoy The Music,"

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Daisuke Tanabe "Backpedal"(Ki Records)
2. Shed "Warped Mind" (Osgut)
3. Zwicker "Oddity"[Pilooski Remix](Compost Black)
Triple Play: Deep House For MJ
4. Rocco & Danny Marquez "Billie Jean" (Purple Music)
5. Michael Jackson "Get On The Floor"[Sir Piers Remix](CDR)
6. Paul Ritch "Jackson Flavor"(100% Pure)
7. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts "Safety Meeting"(Musique Risquee)
8. Classic Flowers "Whichflower"(Four Roses)
9. Ibex "360" (Rush Hour)
10. Delete "Les Funk Del Jazz"[Remix By Sueil](Safari Electronique)
11. David August "Children" (Stil Vor Talent)
12. Alf Tumble "Let Me Start"(Menthol Records)
13. Bangana "Asterix"(Nummer Schallplatten)

Part 2
14. The Machine "Fuse"[Dixon Dub](Innervisions)
15. Python "African Nights"(Composure)
16. Santiago Deep "Pelele"(Agua Y Sed)
17. Culoe De Song "Fallen Siren"(Mule Musiq)
18. Abyss "Keep On Tripping"[Christian Prommer Jam Mix](Compost Black Label)
19. Stimming "Funk With Me"(Diynamic)
20. Veitengruber "What A Day" (Merk Es Dir)
21. GummiHz feat Melena Perez "Sleepless Nights"(Mobilee)
22. Chelonis R. Jones "The Cockpit"[Steve Rachmad Remix](Systematic)
23. Shinedoe "Bounce To This"[Innersphere Remix](Intacto)
24. Scott Grooves "The Journey"(Studio Of Scott Grooves)
25. Andre Lodemann "Vehemence Of Silence"[MCDE Version](Room With A View)
26. Show B "Keras"(Compost Black Label)