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14 Nov 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #82 + Pat Lezizmo guest mix



Pat Lezizmo is back.

This show kicks off to with a tribute to a life that has left this earth and another that has entered. This is dedicated a friend of mine who past away who help gave me an opportunity to do this show. My deepest condolenses to the family of Big John Marks Of Swank Society Radio.

The other is dedicated to my friend's newborn son Eilian Alexander Rosa.

I have some new tunes & mixes by Lowtec & Floating Points. I played some tunes that could be on the top 100 as well from Joey Beltram & Sinan Baymak.

The second hour is a superb mix from Pat Lezizmo who is no stranger to doing a mix on deeprhythms. Please check out his Deep Chills mix on this site as well and be sure to give him a shout.

Enjoy the music...

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Calm presents Key Free "Shining Of Life"[Full Length Mix](Music Conception White)
2. Black Jazz Consortium "Tribal Dance"(Soul People Music)
3. Krispaglia "Noir De Coeur" (Aglia Records)
4. Bovill "Slinky"(Meanwhile Sounds)
5. Lowtec "Youandme Dub"(Smallville)
6. Turmspringer "Sturm & Drang"(Get Physical)
7. Detroit Grand Poobahs "Dr. Booty Grabber" [Samuel L Sessions Mix](Deletefunk)
8. Allan O'Marshall & Andreas Alessio "Szechuan Hotspot" (Tronic Soundz)
9. Ryo Murokami "My Soul" (Dessous)
10. Floating Points "Vacuum Boogie"(Eglo Records)
11. Mic Newman "Sizzled Sally"(Murmur Records)
12. Joey Beltram "Striking Distance"(Drumcode)
13. Mac Newman "Calypso"(Get Digital Music)
14. Sinan Baymak "Deep Morning"(Deeper Shades)

Part 2
Guest Mix: Pat Lezizmo

15. DJ T - Stalker (Get Physical)
16. John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark - This House (Dave Mayer & Jordy Field Vocal Remix) (Soul Furic Trax)
17. Lonely Club - Lone Club (J.Cub mix) (Bulk) (12.28)
18. Dominic Martin - Touch of soul (Milton Jackson Remix) (Lost My Dog) (17.03)
19. Notorious Mot - Rolling Through My Hood (Opaque) (21.53)
20. Minka Kruse - Morgana (Terminal M) (28.29)
21. Noir - Off World (Noir Music)) (34.05)
22. Marcel Wave - 71 Aldie (Freerange) (40.26)
23. Glimpse & Jay Shepheard - Lazer Bather (Glimpse Recordings) (45.29)
24. James Talk - The Beginning (Noir Music) (50.32)
25. JC Freaks - Source (Wandering Music) (55.52)
26. Sven Weisemann - Kiss Of Abana (Mojuba) (61.33)
27. Rufuss - 120°F (Dub) (Qalomota Records) (68.56)
28. Rick Wade - Naomi (Laid) (74.15)