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21 Dec 09

Thelonious Funk Sessions #85 - Year End Review 2009 part 3 of 5


Continuing with the top 60s & 50s

We have tunes and mixes by Bangana, Douglas Greed & Shlomi Aber. Pierce's mix was played earlier this year but for those that did not follow the show when it was in Chicago, it's new to you.

Franklin Da Costa's "Brinn" & the Boddhi Satva Remix of "Info People" were played in the Afro Tech mix back in the fall.

Stefan Goldmann's "Art Of Sorrow" is one of his best original productions since "Aurora" (# 7 in the year end review in 07). We have some repeat offenders on the list again (Ozgur Can, Andre Lodemann, Lil Tony & Carl Craig).

Yosef brilliant "Tribute" cracks the top 50 along with the huge Dixon edit of Precious System.

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Enjoy the music....

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
60. UNKLE "Trouble In Paradise"[Carl Craig's C2 Mix]
59. Marco Faraone "Pellerosa"[Pierce's True Apache Remix](SK Supreme)
58. Shlomi Aber "Israel Dreams"(CDR)
57. Martyn "Elden St."[Sebo K's Watergate Edit](Watergate)
56. Bangana "Straight Lines"(Slip N Slide)
55. Douglas Greed "6 Min Funk"(Freude am Tanzen)
54. Arthur Russell "Wax The Van"[Yam Who? Remix](Electric Minds)
53. Tristan "Along These Strings"(White)
52. Franklin Da Costa "Brinn"(Einmaleins)
51. Stefan Goldmann "Art Of Sorrow"(Victoriaville)

Part 2
50. Atjazz, Domu & Yannah Valdevit "Info People"[Boddhi Satva's Ancestal Soul Mix] (Development Music)
49. Ozgur Can "Alpelsiner"(Night Drive Music)
48. James Blonde & Sebastian Roya "Slamboya"[Sola Remix](Konsequenz)
47. Bocca Grande "Bremen Orchestra"(Mathematics)
46. Peter Kruder "Law Of Return"(Macro)
45. Andre Lodemann "Where Are You"(Best Works)
44. Yousef "Tribute"(Plastic City)
43. Makossa & Megablast "Marrakesh"(Gigolo)
42. Lil Tony "Redrum" (Raw Fusion)
41. Precious System "Voice From Planet Love"[Dixon's Chi-Ca-Go Edit](Running Back)