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12 Mar 10

Thelonious Funk Sessions #92



This weeks show starts with another tune from Jose James Blackmagic LP. Moodymann does a edit of the Flying Lotus Classic. He also helps out Andres with Sing About. After I mixed a tune that Andre sampled which was done by Yosaku. He did just a few years ago (naughty naughty lol).

This weeks triple play goes to another South African Producer Aero Manyelo. I have two superb remixes of Omar by Andre Lodemann & Show-B. This EP will be released on Peppermint Jam with the Henrik Schwarz remix that made my top 10 tunes of '09 on my year end review.

Got a new forthcoming release from Smooth Agent by boss man Sean Smith. It will be on the Chicago Part 2 EP. I will play a more from that ep in a future show.

More music from Jole Alter, Motor City Drum Ensemble & some nice "dreamy" techno from Brazilian drum'n'bass artist XRS Land.

Enjoy the music...

-Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Jose James "Warriors"(Brownswood)
2. Four Tet & Burial "Wolf Cub"(Text Records)
3. Flying Lotus "Tea Leaf Dancers"[Moodymann Edit](Private Collection)
4. Andres feat. Tracy Vox & KDJ "Sing About It"(Mahoghani Music)
5. Yosaku "Mirandolina"(Beyondjazz)
Triple Play: Aero Manyelo
6. Aero Manyelo "Senseless Woman"[Dub Mix](Herbal 3)
7. Aero Manyelo feat. Zoe Maphala "Injabulo"(Black Whole Entertainment)
8. Aero Manyelo "My Prayer"(Herbal 3/Black Whole Entertainment)
9. Omar "Lay It Down"[Andre Lodemann Remix](Peppermint Jam PROMO)
10. Uner meets Suga "Disco Stu"(Diynamic)
11. Motor City Drum Ensemble "I Got It"(Prime Numbers)
12. Emilie Nana "I Missed The Boat"[Glenn Underground A Slave's Disco Dance Remix](Compost Records)
13. Windimoto feat Victor St. John "Don't Let Me Leave Alone"[Headjob Remix](CDR)
14. Santiago Salazar "Your Club Went Hollywood"(Wallshaker)

Part 2
15. Sean Smith "Left 4 Dead"(Smooth Agent PROMO)
16. Roberto Rodriguez "Sonata"(Ostwind Limited)
17. DJ Micks "Violins In A Tribe"(Baainar Records)
18. Peter Van Hoesen "Terminal"[Markov Layout](Terminal)
19. Fiso De Costa "Trip Back To My Roots"(Sci-Fi Productions)
20. XRS Land "Dream Moods"(Tupy)
21. Argy "Sometimes I'm Blind"(These Days)
22. Dimitri Andreas "Snickerz"(Systematic)
23. Glender "Iberican Is Back"(Coraza Recordings)
24. Lanny May "Minus Love"[Ryan Davis Final Flash Remix](Evolution Recordings)
25. Joel Alter "Preaching To The Choir"(Room With A View)
26. Omar "Your Mess"[Show-B Remix](Peppermint Jam PROMO)