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24 Apr 10

Thelonious Funk Sessions #95 w/ Kenton Slash Demon guest mix



kenton_slash_demonLast week's show was about Nebraska. This week Silas from Kenton Slash Demon give it a go with a nice selection of groove from his box. I played a tune that will be out by the end of april. Very nice!!!

As for the oher tunes I have more tunes coming out of our Smooth camp. The Gene Hunt track is out now from the Chicago EP 2. The next release is by the Mushroom Boyz.

James "blakstar" returns again & two very good collaborations Henrik Schwarz did with Kuniyuki & with Ame & Dixon.

If you want to pick up a digital copy of the Chicago EP 2 be sure to check it out here.

Enjoy the music,

-Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana "Eyesdown" (Ninja Tune)
2. Franklin Da Costa "Lost Me"(Rooms With A View)
3. Andy Roberts "Noodle"[Aris' Samba Remix](Mixed Signals Music)
4. Mushroom Boyz "Monaheng"(Smooth Agent PROMO)
5. James 'Blakstar' John feat Deon Nathan "Smile"[Pirahnahead Re-Touch](Whasdat)
6. Gene Hunt feat. D Griff "A Space"(Smooth Agent PROMO)
7. Kuniyuki Takahashi & Henrik Schwarz "Once Again"[Henrik Schwarz Version]
(Mule Musiq)
8. Martin Buttrich "Stop Motion"(Desolat)
9. Ame, Henrik Schwarz & Dixon "Berlin Karlsruhe Express"[Live Version](Innervisions)
10. Imaani Brown feat. Mutabaruka "Dis Poem"[Imaani's Deep Version](Baccara)
11. Rico Puestel "Dammit I'm Mad"(Prog City Deep PROMO)
12. Kadebostan "Souk" (Fenou)

Part 2
Guest Mix by Silas from Kenton Slash Demon

13. Burial & FourTet "Moth" / Infinite Body "Drive Dreams Away"
14. Blondes "You Mean So Much To Me" (Acid Redux Cut)
15. Tanner Ross, Sergio Santos "G Things"
16. When Saints Go Machine "Curse Me Out"
17. The VSQ "This Is Not The Last Song"
18. Rone "Tasty City"
19. Oh No Ono "Eleanor Speaks" (Caribou Remix)
20. Tom Trago - "200 B.C"
21. Eim Ick "Untitled"
22. Egyptrixx "The Only Way Up"
23. Martinez "Gourmet"
24. Kirk Degiorgio "Time Spins"
25. Bjørn Svin "ROwmOR"
End Of Mix
26. Kenton Slash Demon "Sun"(Tartelet PROMO)
27. St. Gilles "Listen To These Words"(Vinyl Vibes PROMO)
28. Arno E. Matheiu "Heritage"[Vision 1](Clima Records PROMO)
29. mOgriGo "Zom Zom Zom" (CDR)
30. Bernadette Mutangara "Give Me Your Love"[nkokhi Remix](Altitude Sounds)
31. Marino Berardi "Best Intention" [Christo Perspective](Room With View)
32. Local Instuments Crew "Angel And Demon"(Local Instruments)