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7 Dec 10

Thelonious Funk Sessions Year End Review #109 Part 1 of 5



At last the Year End Review comes upon us. Let the debate begin... Very brief rules to this countdown. First all track that were either released or received from 12/01/09 to 12/01/10. Please note any tunes on Smooth Agent will ONLY qualify if it has been officially released during this year (just to be fair to other release out there).

year%20end%20reviewWith that said we already have some first time artists on the list already with tunes from Mike Dehnert, Aero Manyelo, Dimitri Andreas, Mike Maze & Jose Marquez. Pirahnahead makes the list. Be on the lookout for him in 2011 with future releases on Smooth Agent.

Dexter is no stranger to the year end review. His Junofest track is one of many that could appear on the list.

Andre Lodemann has had his hand on several releases that were superb.

On the biased tip, Imaani Brown & BeeKay Deep have craked the top 90 with released on Smooth Agent. Expect more from both artists in the new year as well...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
100. Gonjasufi "Ancestors"(Warp)
99. Urban Tribe "Insolitology"(Planet E)
98. Comfort Fit feat Howard Marks "Ask The Devil"[Atjazz Deeper Remix](Tokyo Dawn)
97. Mike Dehnert "Deep Route"(Deeply Rooted House)
96. Jose James "Black Magic"[dOP Remix](Brownswood)
95. Martyn "Seventy Four"[Redshape Remix](3024)
94. Aero Manyelo "Moments In Ghana"[Dub mix](Herbal3)
93. Celia Cruz "Elegua"[Jose Marquez Remix](CDR)
92. Dimitri Andreas "Snickerz"(Systematic)
91. Phonique feat Ian Whitelaw "Our Time Our Chance"[Andre Lodemann Remix](Dessous)

2nd Hour
90. BeeKay Deep "No Cool"(Smooth Agent Records)
89. dOP & Seuil "New York"(Circus Company)
88. Pirahnahead "Self Conscience"(Whasdat?)
87. Oumou Sangare "Mogo Te Diya Bee Yee"[Jose Marquez Remix](CDR)
86. Mike Maze "The Path"[Salvatore Agrosi Deeper Remix](ProgCity Deep Trax)
85. Ame "Fiori"[Dixon Edit](Innervisions)
84. Imanni Brown "The Essence"(Smooth Agent Records)
83. Dexter "Junofest"(Rush Hour)
82. Venedikt Reyf feat. Suzi-Q "Heroes"(Niveous Records)
81. Saxture "Seven Kisses"[Darque's 8th Kiss Mix](659 Records)