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20 Dec 10

Thelonious Funk Sessions Year End Review #111 Part 3 of 5



As we go into the top 60, You will notice a lot of brilliant releases from Rush Hour by Nebraska, Tom Trago, Gene Hunt & The Legendary Ron Hardy.

year%20end%20reviewDarkstar does a sensual midtempo cover of Human League's Gold. Certainly a track that I can't stop listening to this year. Let's just say its a tune perfect for nice ride along Lake Shore Drive on fall evening. The video is certainly worth checking out as well.

Deetron shows up again with a brilliant remix of Second Floor. One artist that I have been following for the pass few years has shot in a couple of tunes this year. Frank Timm AKA Soundstream is a name that you must keep an eye on. His remix of Prosumer's Serenity is a classic of mine.

Don Williams is another guy that has been under the radar. His Dynamic Rain EP on Baud is considered one of the best EPs of the year. I certainly agree.

Dexter, Suedmilch, Ben Klock & Martyn appear on list again (no surprise there). The French house genius I:Cube comes back with a serious bite with his Bionic Ear track. Top 40 coming up right around Christmas, so until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
60. Caribou "Jamelia"(City Slang)
59. Flying Lotus "Quakes"(Warp)
58. Matthew Herbert "Kerstin Basler"(Accidental)
57. Mathias Kaden "State Of Stasis"[Wareika Remix](Vakant)
56. Second Floor AKA Mulder "Pleasant People"[Deetron Remix]( EC Records)
55. Mist Works "Common Question Part 1"[Dairmount & Berardi Perspective](Atjazz Music Company)
54. Suedmilch & Tim Toh "Floating Nights"(Hi Freaks)
53. DJ QU "Party People Clap"(Deconstruct Music)
52. Midland "Play The Game"[Dexter Remix](Phonica Records)
51. R-A-G "Redsquare"[Aroy's Edit](MOS Holland)

2nd Hour
50. Darkstar "Gold"(Hyperdub)
49. Moody "Ol Dirty Vinyl"(KDJ)
48. Nebraska "This Is The Way"(Rush Hour)
47. Tom Trago "Use Me Again"(Rush Hour)
46. Soundstream "Tease Me"(Soundstream)
45. Don Williams "Glis Groove"(Baud)
44. I:Cube "Bionic Ear"(Versatile)
43. Martyn "Is This Insanity"[Ben Klock Remix](3024)
42. Gene Hunt & Ron Hardy "Throwback 87"(Rush Hour)
41. Dexter "1992"[Vocal Version](Dolly)