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16 Feb 15

Thelonious Funk Sessions #219 (TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Levon Vincent



This week's show starts with some forthcoming ambient beauty from Vince Watson on Osunlade's Yoruba label, followed by music by Florian Kupfer. I have some exclusive tracks from Nina Kraviz's DJ Kicks mix by Fred P, Breaker 1 2 & Nina herself. Marcellus Pitman remixes Achterbahn D'Amour on Acid Test. More music from albums of Keith Worthy & Eli Escobar followed by music from Inoue Shirabe, Vince Watson & Suitdancer. New music from Nocow, Franklin De Costa & TB Arthur. Swedish producer Daniel Andreasson rounds out the 1st part of the show with music from his EP on Borft Records.

The second part of the show feature my first artist of the month mixtape for 2015. When Levon Vincent announced a few weeks ago that his debut album will be released "very soon", he had the internet buzzing. The native New Yorker/ Berliner has produced a lot quality since his debut back in 2002. So it was no surprise when it was release last week most of the online records shops ran out of his self titled album in a matter of hours. I managed to get a copy & I must say that this quadruple pack LP did live up to it's billing. So I wanted to focus on the brilliance of not just his album but most of his body of work as a producer. A few highlights of the LP are "Woman Is An Angel", "Junkies on Hermann Strasse", Small Whole-Numbered Ratios", "Beginning" & a replay of "Anti-Corporate Music". I added some old favorites of mine such as "Stereo Systems", "Rainstorms II", "Speck's Jam" & "Man Or Mistress. There is even a tune he did for a MP3 CD compilation for Tsunami relief in Japan included in the mix. His album is currently out on his Novel Sound imprint.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Vince Watson "A Moment With Lonnie"(Yoruba PROMO)
2. Florian Kupfer "Bridge"(WT Records)
3. Fred P "Higher Mentalism"[edit](!K7)
4. Keith Worthy "Deeptroit"(Aesthetic Audio)
5. Nina Kraviz "Mystery"(!K7)
6. Achterbahn D'Amour "Holy Romance Empire"[Marcellus Pittman Remix](Acid Test)
7. Eli Escobar "Love Away"(Night People NYC)
8. Inoue Shirabe "You Dont Know My Lightcycle"(Antinote)
9. Vince Watson "Eminescence"(Yoruba PROMO)
10. Suitdancer "Shimmer"(Tone Control PROMO)
11. Nocow "Ayenward"(Roots United)
12. Franklin De Costa "Retreat"(Plan B Recordings)
13. Breaker 1 2 "In The Distance"(!K7)
14. TB Arthur "A1 Untitled" (Test Pressing)
15. Daniel Andreasson "100 Hours"(Borft)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Levon Vincent
16. Levon Vincent "Beginning"(Novel Sound)
17. Levon Vincent "Stereo Systems"(Novel Sound)
18. Levon Vincent feat.Wolf "Black Arm"(Novel Sound)
19. Levon Vincent "Relief For Nippon"(Underground Quality)
20. Levon Vincent "Confetti"(Novel Sound)
21. Levon Vincent "Early Reflections"(Novel Sound)
22. Levon Vincent "Woman is an Angel"(Novel Sound)
23. Levon Vincent "Anti-Corporate Music"(Novel Sound)
24. Levon Vincent "Her Light Goes Through Everything"(Novel Sound)
25. Levon Vincent "Six Figures"(Novel Sound)
26. Levon Vincent "Launch Ramp To Tha Sky"(Novel Sound)
27. Levon Vincent "Man Or Mistress"(Novel Sound)
28. Levon Vincent "Junkies on Hermann Strasse"(Novel Sound)
29. Levon Vincent "People"(Novel Sound)
30. Levon Vincent "Small Whole-Numbered Ratios"(Novel Sound)
31. Levon Vincent "Together Forever"(Novel Sound)
32. Levon Vincent "Rainstorm II"(Novel Sound)
33. Levon Vincent "Speck's Jam"(Novel Sound)
End Of Mix