About this site

Since 2001 we've been publishing mixes on our own little corner on the internet.

What's is deeprhythms.com?

DeepRhythms is a mix-site dedicated to deep underground electronic music. Here you'll find over 200 hours worth of DJ mixes to listen to. DR is also on Soundcloud and there's also a record label called Echocentric Records. Deeprhythms started in 2001, yes, the days before Facebook, Soundcloud or iPhones.

DeepRhythms works on a non-profit basis - the purpose is solely to give exposure to the artists, labels and our guest DJ's.

Who's behind this?

Most of the the mixes are done by Timo Rotonen aka Timo Deeprhythms. The resident mixes run sequentially, although in the last two years Timo's been more active in making mixes for others, which you can also find on the site under the Specials -section.

David Wolf was the other part of deeprhythms, making mixes on a more irregular basis between 2002-2008.

Various guest dj's, who were asked to do a mix and had a chat with with. These days the guest section of the site is very active.

Who maintains this site?

This site is run by Timo Rotonen out of Helsinki, Finland.

So, since 2001. What's the story?

Here's an interview on Analog Advisory where I touch the subject

"I Took up dj’ing in the mid 90’s after immersing myself with all kinds of electronic music since the late 80's. John Peel, the whole Manchester indie scene, bleep & bass of Sheffield & Leeds were major influences, Plus8 too - and one particular MonoJunk mixtape. I was bitten by the house bug soon after, inspired by the sound of Chris Gray, Larry Heard, Calum Walker and Chris Brann, you know, what was back then called "deep"."

This all led to the birth of the Deeprhythms.com in 2001. One night I just looked at the piles of records stacked in the corners of my apartment. I remember saying to myself: how come you never hear this sound anywhere? You know, the small labels that pump out the ethereal and marianas trench deep house sound. The people behind these records who are in it just for the music. I decided to do my best to promote this sound. So, I setup the site, started publishing mixes every two weeks as I was learning.”

"At some point, family life happened and I lost all interest in music. DR basically went on a hiatus and vanished for at least a year around 2012-2014. But luckily never sold the decks or the vinyl collection. So, 2020, almost 20 years after here we are. The music scene is thriving and stylistically I think with age I've given myself a lot more freedom to play whatever I like. Here's to another... well, I'll give it 15 years ;)"

What about the label, Echocentric Records?

Started in 2019! A natural extension of Deeprhythms, the label aims to promote contemporary electronic music without any genre boundaries. Check the Bandcamp page!

I'm an upcoming/established producer, can I get my tracks in your mixes or can you review them?

Of course! There's nothing we like more than hearing new interesting music.

All promos we receive will be reviewed and feedback will be sent to the sender. Or if the records is good, a review will appear on the site.

Please send a link to a Soundcloud preview and a separate download link.

I'm an upcoming DJ, can you review my mix?

The easiest and best way is to upload your mix to Soundcloud and mail us a link with a playlist. Yes, playlist is eseential.

But, we cannot guarantee any feedback. It's nothing personal, we just have our hands full with our dayjobs, families, labels and our own music production stuff.

Can I be featured as a guest DJ?

Sure, but most of the mixes are by invitation only.

We want to know the dj's we feature well - it's easy actually, drop us a mail or two, contact us over FB and let's talk. We need to be sure you share the same passion for music and you an overall nice guy/girl - this is not for the ones looking for free promotion. It's a community thing.

Mixing technique is secondary, music is everything