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I was born in Buenos Aires and have spent the last decade in Berlin, the place where I cultivated and refined my aural craftsmanship. Amongst my earliest sonic influences I can definitely place my mother and grandmother's invasive fanaticism for 80s dance music: every Saturday they would wake me up to do house chores to the rhythm of Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone tunes. This led me to develop a passion for all things vinyl which has followed me loyally everywhere as my most valuable possession.

In the last 10 years I have fulfilled my dreams of playing records at parties like Berghain’s steamy LAB dance, Berlin’s queerest Cocktail d’Amore, the infamous Tresor, Harder in New York and DC, Stockholm’s Bronx, festivals like Folsom in San Francisco, Lighthouse in Croatia or residencies at Renate’s Pretty Ugly and the groundbreaking Popoff Kitchen in Moscow, Milan and Paris. I even managed to make my Boiler Room’s debut during lockdown from my Berlin’s living room! 

I’m also the co-founder of Hypersoft, a Berlin queer collective and club night together with my partner Samuel Gieben, creating a new space for the scene and a platform for up-and-coming and established DJs from the queer scene and beyond.

A really good friend (and probably my N.1 fan), has described my approach to DJing as a “an elixir of 90’s progressive and trance, mad Acid House, analog synthesizer & Belgian new beat twists - with a dash of psychedelic space techno for the pleasure of worldwide dancefloor enthusiasts.” As I take pride in owning a unique, original way of mixing, I couldn't agree with my friend’s words more.

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