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Location: Prague, Czech Republic | Instagram | Soundcloud

Prague based dj & promoter, founder of Neo Violence Records and electronic music enthusiast.

dMIT.RY (formal name Dmitrij) is a Prague-based DJ, promoter and Neo Violence label owner who's been spending time in clubs since early 2000's when he was 15. 8 years later, through various inputs from his friends, he got his first gigs. Back then it was time when midi-djing was a hot new thing to start with and so he did.

It is worth mentioning that all this was happening during a so-called "club scene blackout", when there were not many clubs, especially for a more alternative club music. But this situation actually worked in his favour back then.
Moving forward to 2009, Dmitrij comes up with "Neo Violence" as a name for his new series of club nights and decides to use its facebook page as channel to promote all sorts of exciting new club music, which gained a decent following in a short period of time and in the same time people from around the globe start to send their demos his way which resulted into a digital Bandcamp-only label, a platform for mostly newcomers to present their music to a broader audience.

During this period he also tried to produce his own music with help of his more skilled friends, but quickly realised that sitting in the studio (or at home) and making club tracks was not for him at that time (and still isn't till this day). Later on an offer from Lobster Distribution came up resulting into 4 vinyl compilations of Neo Violence back-

Before Covid-19 situation, Dmitrij was an active part of the local scene, hosting various club nights around town, DJing around the country and occasionally abroad, taking care of programming at Groove Bar and hosting shows on local Radio Punctum and Rinse France.

Currently, the label is on pause, same as the whole club life. But you can still hear Dmitrij play his records on both radios and various on-line streams once in a while.

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February 21

#98 dMIT.RY for Deeprhythms

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