DJ biography: Hiroaki OBA

Location: Berlin, Germany | Instagram | Soundcloud

Hiroaki OBA makes House and Techno music and in his live show, he dismantles his own tracks and then recomposes them, like putting puzzles together.

By the influence from his sister, a professional dancer who used to listen to bass-banging dance music next to his room, Hiroaki started to play bass guitar and also his own rock band at high-school and ended up having 2 releases under different bands’ name. Gradually his interest towards electronic music with the sound of synth grew, that led him the way to Hiroaki’s self production. In 2010,He became one of the participants of Red Bull Music Academy in London and in the same year, also performed in clubs and radio all over Europe. After coming back to Japan he performed at one of the biggest dance music out door festival Metamorphose, SonarSound Tokyo and well known clubs in Tokyo such as WOMB, eleven, Air and so on. 2011 was a key year for Hiroaki as he has been on Europe tour and played not only musical festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona and c/o pop in Cologne but also at some art-related event like Promo Anime Cut at Dortmunder U in Dortmund. Hiro is currently planning new release from Ki Records.

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December 23

#133 Hiroaki OBA for Deeprhythms

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