September 4, 2021 | Guest Mixes

#105 Forehard for Deeprhythms

Mixed by: Forehard
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Inceptum Records Soundcloud

Inceptum Records label boss Forehard in the mix. A Finnish DJ & producer known for his wealthy knowledge of techno, acid and IDM digs deep in his crates to bring us this beautiful moody mix blending electro, Detroit techno and electronica seamlessly together. Don't miss his recent release "Motorhome EP" on Inceptum, top quality Detroit tinged electro through and through.

A few words from Jarno: "With this mix, I wanted to communicate the sensitivity, harmony, and a certain sense of danger of that I feel is present in electro and Detroit. All important to me personally in regard of electronic music. The enigmatic moods combined with the rolling and occasionally looping sound makes this mix interesting in my own opinion. This largely combines the most important musical styles for me, ie Detroit techno, electro and IDM."

Pity we didn't have the time for a good chat, but there will be another time I'm sure.


01. Damon Wild - Eva [Kanzleramt]
02. Mike Dred - Retrospective [Code C]
03. Versalife - Ultimatum [Clone West Coast Series]
04. In2minds - The Beginning [Open mind recordings]
05. Der Zyklus - Mxyzptlk [Frustrated funk]
06. Ed Chamberlain - Dave [BaseLogic]
07. AFX - Batine Acid [Rephlex]
08. Gosub - Touch Terrorist [Abstract Forms]
09. Titonton Duvanté - Double Entendre [Starbaby]
10. Mono Junk - November Bass [Skudge White]
11. The Advent - Mind And Spirit [Electrix Records]
12. Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix) [Not on label]
13. Forehard - Intercourse [Inceptum records]
14. CRC - Downstairs [Furthur Electronix]

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DJ profile

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Inceptum Records | Soundcloud

Born 1982 in Mäntsälä, Finland. DJ & producer and founder of Inceptum Records

Forehard became acquainted with electronic music, mainly due to Music Television and imported c-cassettes.
In his youth he was particularly impressed with the trance and acid music and is still in his music today.

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